Carbonadi: The New Italian Vodka

After four years of honing and perfecting its product, the emerging California based spirits company, House of Carbonadi, recently launched an ultra premium vodka named Carbonadi. The beverage is more than just a progression in the art of high quality vodka making; it is an expression of the artistry and way of life in the region from which it originates. If you have not tried Carbonadi vodka, you are in for a treat!


“Thoughtful hospitality and exquisite craftsmanship have long been passion points of mine, and Carbonadi was born from a desire to create a sleek, high quality sipping vodka in line with the Italian lifestyle those characteristics embody,” said Richard Miller III, House of Carbonadi CEO.


Production Location


Production Location Carbonadi Vodka
Photo Courtesy of Carbonadi


Carbonadi, the new Italian vodka, originates from a family owned distillery located in the Piemonte region of Italy.  Piemonte is in the upper northwest part of Italy with Turin/Torino as its capital.  The region makes world class wines. Thus it may come as a surprise to some to learn of the vodka manufacturing there.  The rich soil that produces high-quality grapes for winemaking is also superb for growing organic wheat, which produces vodka.  The location, near the Italian Alps, is also ideal for the pure, crystalline water that goes into Carbonadi Vodka.


Imagine a spirit that is pure, premium, and luxurious at its core for no other reason than being distilled from the highest quality Italian wheat and masterfully blended with the pristine waters of the Italian Alps. A spirit that connects deeply with consumers in its natural decadence, design and artistry, not only to be celebrated, but created to inspire, empower and enable every person to always believe, never settle, and to do the unthinkable. – Carbonadi Italia


Production Process


Production Process of Carbonadi vodka
Photo Courtesy of Carbonadi


Carbonadi ultra-premium vodka is an import from Piemonte in Northern Italy. The product is micro-oxygenated and filtrated in California.  Micro-oxygenation is a winemaking process which replicates the effects of slow barrel maturation in a shorter period of time but it also allows for more control over the process. By controlling exposure to oxygen during production, the Carbonadi vodka texture is softer.  The smooth finish glides over the tongue.

Another part of the production that sets this vodka apart from lower quality, less expensive versions, is the rare filtration process.  Carbonadi distills the initial mash five times through active charcoal.  This process removes impurities.  It is then refiltered through uncut carbonados, which are microporous “black diamonds.” Carbonados are the toughest and rarest form of a natural diamond. Their extra porous attributes are able to extract impurities that a conventional filter cannot. The resulting crystal clean, ultra-smooth tasting vodka has hints of green herbs, bay leaf, and dry mint on the nose.

Enjoying a Glass


House of Carbonadi luxury vodka
Photo Courtesy of Carbonadi

Carbonadi Vodka is 80 proof, 40% alcohol by volume, and available in one-liter bottles.  The suggested retail price for this size bottle is $89.99.  The 750 ml bottle will be on the market shortly, and it will retail for $79.99.  Look for the elegant black bottle with white and gold trim.  The sleek design hints at the modern luxurious taste that is waiting inside the bottle.

Enjoy Carbonadi Vodka on the rocks or in a classic martini.  Italian Lemonade is one way to enjoy this exquisite vodka in the summer months.  You can also try an Italian Martini. This drink features Carbonadi Vodka, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Campari, rhubarb bitters and celery bitters. So tell us, how will you enjoy this premium vodka?  

To learn more about Carbonadi Vodka, visit Carbonadi Italia at House of Carbonadi.

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Carbonadi:  The New Italian Vodka