Cities With the Most Michelin-Star Restaurants

Michelin Star Restaurants are spread throughout the whole world and are rated at the top of the industry.  You may already know what it takes to get a Michelin Star, however, you may wonder which cities have the most Michelin Star Restaurants. If you are in any of the cities below, be sure to enjoy some fine dining at one of their many highly rated restaurants.

Clermont Ferrand, France

France is known to be one of the best countries to travel. Did you know it’s also home to some of the top Michelin Star restaurants? There are four restaurants in this city that have the Michelin Star. Apicius, L’En-But, and Jean Claude Leclerc are 3 of the top-rated restaurants in this city.

San Francisco, California

You’re probably not surprised that San Francisco is one of the cities with the most Michelin Star restaurants. This is one of the only American cities to even make this list. Not many US cities have multiple restaurants with the Michelin Star. Manresa and the French Laundry are two of the restaurants in the city to hold the title.

Osaka, Japan

If you love Japan, you will need to visit the city of Osaka. It is a city that is home to several Michelin Star Restaurants. Japanese food is something that is well loved in this city and it is evident that popular dishes like takoyaki help these restaurants win these famous stars. If you’re ever in the Osaka, Japan area, make sure you look up one of the three restaurants that have Michelin Stars.

Paris, France

Does it surprise you that a city like Paris, France made the list? Paris is well noted as the capital of food. Many chefs live in this city and spend a lot of time perfecting their amazing cooking skills. Heading to Paris, France means you will get to experience rich French cuisine that has obviously taken the Michelin Star world by storm.

Salzburg, Austria

Do you plan on getting out and experiencing the world? If so, Salzburg, Austria will not disappoint. There are actually SIX restaurants that make Salzburg the restaurant star that it is today. Some would call this the culinary capital of the world.

These 5 cities are home to the most Michelin Stars however there are still plenty more cities that also have the same title. Consider yourself lucky if you live in such a culinary rich region. Otherwise, make sure you visit and experience these fine cities with their Michelin Star restaurants.  You may also check out these unusual Michelin star restaurants.  Which of these cities will you be visiting soon to enjoy dining at its finest?

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Cities With the Most Michelin-Star Restaurants