Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be deemed a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant?  Simply put, Michelin awards three stars to restaurants that they believe are “worth a special journey”.  They want you to feel good about the extra time and effort it takes to experience a meal!   Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco aren’t rare.  In fact, the city has five restaurants that Michelin has declared “worth the special journey”.  Let’s take a look at the best fine dining in San Francisco.


Let’s start our fine dining in San Francisco at Benu As guests approach Benu, the unique street views pour into the kitchen and spark curiosity as to what delights are to come.  Inside, chefs are hard at work creating a series of dishes that represent the best San Francisco has to offer.  One can expect Chef Corey Lee’s nightly tastings to embody a unique marriage of contemporary Asian influences.  And paired with Master Sommelier Yoon Ha’s exquisite beverage menu, each meal is an adventure.

Each meal at Benu begins with a fun choice of bites.  These include a silky egg custard with faux “shark fin,” slivers of Jinhua ham, and umami-rich black truffle.  For the main course, expect choices like fork-tender beef braised in pear juice paired with charred scallion purée and black trumpet mushrooms.  Finally, finish your meal with a delightful dessert of osmanthus gelée with almond cake and apricots.  We can all agree that Benu has earned it’s place on the list of Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco!


If you are looking for freshness and quality in food and drink, Manresa is worth the journey!  Manresa serves a nightly menu showcasing the finest tastings of each season from Chef Kinch.  All ingredients used at Manresa are locally grown which ensures seasonal freshness and quality.  Additionally, guests will find a wine list that features distinctive choices from the great classic regions of the old world.  One may also choose from the restaurant’s strong selections from Burgundy, the Loire Valley, and Northern Rhône.  Plus, the unique relationship with growers and winemakers of the local Santa Cruz Mountains allows Manresa to feature both current and library selections alongside Chef Kinch’s cuisine.  What a valiant addition to the list of Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco!


Quince is where affluent tourists and locals alike come to celebrate special occasions.  In fact, elegance touches every inch of this dining room.  You will love the massive Murano chandelier, the linens on the tables and everything in between.

Once known for his traditional Italian cuisine, Chef Tusk’s menu has become increasingly contemporary.  For example, tortellini may sound familiar.  However, for Tusk, this delicate pasta offers a refined balance of flavors including red kuri squash, colatura di alici, and lapsang souchong black tea.  Additionally, Lasagnette is a masterpiece with dozens of layers of Swiss chard, guinea hen, and wild mushrooms.  You will also find a Tardivo radicchio salad, topped with a skewer of duck offal.  Finally, finish off your meal with dessert and you have experienced some of the best fine dining in San Francisco!

The French Laundry 

Thomas Keller’s legendary restaurant has been a top foodie destination for over 20 years.  Located along a shady and winding road, The French Laundry is the existential picture of charm and quaintness with ivy creeping up the stone exterior and a dining room saturated in elegance.  Guests get to choose from two seasonal tasting menus, as well as a vegetarian option.  One can expect an experience that consists of signature dishes including oysters paired with white sturgeon caviar or golden striped bass with deconstructed deviled eggs.  As you can see, The French Laundry is a place that anyone would be lucky to score a reservation.

The Restaurant at Meadowood

Located among mountains and vineyards, The Restaurant at Meadowood is the highlight of wine country.  The bar and lounge resemble a mountain lodge with multiple fireplaces, vintage books and soft leather seating.  Guests also enjoy a vaulted ceiling that is made from granite and columns of Canadian redwood.  This feature creates a warm atmosphere and cozy feel in the dining room.

Chef Christopher Kostow’s cuisine is presented with refinement in each course.  The meal starts with dishes that include delicately smoked eel fillet wrapped in black nori with beef tongue or grilled lobster with cold-braised sunchokes, two types of seaweed and portions of caviar.  Oh, and don’t forget dessert!  A meal at The Restaurant at Meadowood ends with delicious little pastry cups of chocolate babka.

Which of these Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco will you choose to experience?

Are you looking to try something a little unexpected?  Because any of the Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco are sure to deliver divine cuisine and unforgettable atmosphere.  So the question remains, which special journey will you take?

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Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco