New York’s Top Chinese Restaurants

New York City has an entire neighborhood called Chinatown, so it makes sense that the area is full of amazing Chinese restaurants.  Sometimes too many choices is just as frustrating as not having enough!  If you are overwhelmed in your search for a top-notch Chinese restaurant in New York, you have come to the right place.  Our list of the top Chinese restaurants in New York will help you choose a location that will satisfy your taste for delicious, authentic fare.

Hakkasan New York


New York's Top Chinese Restaurants
Photo courtesy of Hakkasan New York


Hakkasan was founded in London in 2001 and has since become one of the world’s most distinguished global restaurant, lounge and nightlife brands.


This elegant Chinese restaurant in Midtown features extravagant dishes with extravagant prices.  Save this Michelin-starred restaurant for a big night out on the town.  Treat yourself to a Broadway show and dinner and drinks at Hakkasan.

We recommend the stir fry black pepper ribeye beef with merlot.

Shun Lee Palace


Since opening on the East side of Manhattan in 1971, Shun Lee Palace continues to be an upscale Chinese restaurant specializing in serving trendy and eclectic cuisine.


Shun Lee Palace is New York’s original Chinese fine dining restaurant.  Patrons can count on Shun Lee to serve up high quality, authentic fare, just as they have for decades.  Shun Lee is a perfect choice for an elegant night out.

We recommend the Grand Marnier prawns.

Spicy & Tasty

While Spicy & Tasty is much more casual than Shun Lee and Hakkasan, their menu is no less flavorful.  This classic Sichuan restaurant’s massive menu is full of traditional Sichuan treats,  This, of course, means there is some serious spice going on.  Head to Flushing for a restaurant that lives up to its name.

We recommend the shredded dry beef with spicy sauce.


In the West Village, RedFarm pairs the flavors of traditional Chinese fare with modern, greenmarket techniques. The restaurant itself has a farmhouse feel, which complements the fresh, well-sourced ingredients in the restaurant’s delicious dishes.

We recommend the shrimp and snow pea leaf dumplings.



New York's Top Chinese Restaurants
Photo courtesy of Decoy


From the team that bought you RedFarm, Chef Joe Ng and Managing Partner Ed Schoenfeld introduce an inspired take on the traditional Peking Duck. Crispy-skinned Peking Ducks are served with paper-thin pancakes, and accompanied by appetizers such as cold sweet potato noodles topped with uni and octopus sashimi salad served in a teapot overflowing with clouds.


In the space below RedFarm’s West Village location lies Decoy.  Guests to Decoy sit at communal tables and enjoy a variety of tasty dishes.  While the menu offers several intriguing dishes, the Peking duck is the star.

We recommend the Peking duck.


For fresh, authentic Dim Sum in New York, head to Pacificana in Brooklyn.  Although the restaurant is large, you may have to wait in line to taste the restaurant’s delicious fare; that is how popular this restaurant is!  Bring a few friends and your appetite and eat your way through their delicious menu.

We recommend the Hakaniese stew pork.

Have you experienced any of these top Chinese restaurants in New York?  Tell us all about it in the comments below or on social media!  While you are in town, be sure to try our picks for the best theatres in New York as well.

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New York's Top Chinese Restaurants