Renault’s Self-Driving Car That Will Really Turn Heads

The Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a luxury lounge on wheels. This autonomous concept car is designed to shuttle occupants around in luxury. Renault’s self-driving car made its debut at the 2018 Paris Motor show, and this French-inspired automobile had attendees abuzz with excitement. This self-driving car from Renault will really turn heads when it hits the roads in the not too distant future.

The Concept of the EZ-ULTIMO Car


Renault's Self Driving Car
Photo Courtesy of Renault


The Renault EZ-ULTIMO, pronounced “Easy Ultimo,” is an all-electric, autonomous, connected robo-vehicle. This high-end luxury ride is intended for use for a specific trip or for a day booking. Riders seeking the ultimate in luxury car travel will appreciate the thought that has gone into this vehicle’s design. This vehicle was made to seduce car lovers.

The Experience


A mobile lounge for modern times. This is the ideal reference to define EZ-ULTIMO, the latest concept-car unveiled by Renault at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. This autonomous, connected and 100% electric “robo-vehicle” explores the shared mobility of tomorrow from the emotional side. Its promise: to provide you with a premium and immersive mobility experience, for a single trip, an hour, or a day.


The exclusive experience begins at boarding. An exclusive interface with concierge services ensures that the up-market experience begins at the point of booking. This unique and exclusive service is enhanced by Renault’s self-driving car and the upscale approach to the passenger experience.

The Look



Renault's Self Driving Car That Will Really Turn Heads
Photo Courtesy of Renault


The design of the Renault EZ-ULTIMO embodies the brand’s heritage French Design and Easy Life principles. This eye-fetching design sets this vehicle apart from other autonomous cars but does not sacrifice functionality. This robo-vehicle is somewhat like the Uber for discerning riders. A high tech self-driving car from Renault will offer passengers a private, safe, and luxurious ride to their destination.

The Renault’s self-driving car has a two-tone bodywork. The deep black provides a lovely juxtaposition to the green tones on the lower part of the body. A shimmering champagne tone sets colors the upper part. The top has 600 facets in the shape of diamonds. These facets filter the view towards the inside of the vehicle to ensure optimal passenger privacy. Up to three occupants will enjoy the transparent effect while inside the vehicle.

The Interior


Self-Driving Car from Renault
Photo courtesy of Renault


The interior cabin of Renault’s self-driving car is an intimate cocoon. Passengers will feel like they are in a Haussmannian-style apartment. The wooden floor has a herringbone pattern with a marble band on the sides. The armchair and bench feature leather and velvet construction. A Corian band that surrounds the cabin emulated a wall with ceiling moldings. Two pale gold lamps illuminate the interior of the self-driving car from Renault softly, to create intimate lighting. A low angled light highlights the floor and creates a soft glow. Passengers might even forget that they are in a car with such a luxe interior setting.

Renault’s Vision

“As consumer trends change and people are enjoying ride­hailing services more and more, a new paradigm for mobility will emerge. Embodying this revolution, Renault EZ-­ULTIMO offers a unique luxurious experience aboard a robo­vehicle that can be adapted depending on the service provider,” said in a statement Laurens van den Acker, SVP Corporate Design for Groupe Renault. If the response at Paris Motors 2018 is any indication, consumers are ready to welcome this shift and this self-driving car from Renault.


Renault's Self Driving Car That Will Really Turn Heads
Photo Courtesy of Renault



To learn more about the latest trends in autonomous vehicles, please enjoy our article about the hottest debuts at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. This year’s show focused on electric vehicles and innovation. Multiple exciting autonomous concept cars made their debut at the Beijing Expo. These self-driving cars, while not as luxurious as the EZ-ULTIMO, are equally exciting developments for the automotive industry. The future of driving is exciting and rapidly approaching. So, are you excited for the release of Renault’s self-driving car?

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Renault's Self-Driving Car That Will Really Turn Heads