Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Canada

With a Chinese population of nearly five percent, it’s no wonder that there are amazing Chinese restaurants in Canada with a concentration in both Toronto and Vancouver. We’ve chosen our favorites of the best Chinese restaurants in Canada and think you’ll agree.

Dragon Pearl Restaurant


Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Canada
Photo courtesy of Dragon Pearl Restaurant


While we don’t usually recommend a buffet restaurant, in this case, we have to make an exception. Dragon Pearl Restaurant has such a wide variety of food choices on their buffet that it may make you a buffet-lover. Stop in on a weekend for dinner and the buffet will include crab legs on Fridays, lobster on Saturdays, and oysters on Sundays. The restaurant’s signature dessert and its namesake is, as they describe, the “most distinctive dish is our Dragon Pearl, it is a huge sesame ball, our special chef will make it in front of you when you make an order”.

Everest Hakka House


Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Canada
Photo courtesy of Everest Hakka House


The simple and understated Everest Hakka House serves amazing Indo-Chinese food that they describe as cheap but in generous servings. These servings include soups, spring rolls, pakoras, Hakka noodles, rice dishes, Chinese biryanis, and a variety of Hakka-style curry dishes. This amazing variety is paired with Tsingtao beer from China and Cheetah and King Fisher beers from India. This is a truly immersive Asian dining experience.

LeeChen Asian Bistro


Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Canada
Photo courtesy of LeeChen Asian Bistro


Most people would describe LeeChen Asian Bistro as cozy and casual which is fairly accurate, but the food you’ll experience at LeeChen is anything but casual, it’s simply delicious. They say that their restaurant is more than it looks.


Our goal is not only to provide the best food but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere for those who visit us. The interesting part of Asian cuisine is the art of sharing. Yes, just like tapas, but Asian food. At LeeChen, you have a variety of food from appetizers to desserts, and drinks from freshly blended honey lemonade to selected wine. We provide the best for those who come to dine not just for food, but also for the experience.


Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant


Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Canada
Photo courtesy of Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant


Traditional in decor serving delectable dim sum and Cantonese-inspired specialties, Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant is a neighborhood fixture that is always bustling. Operating for more than a decade now, they’ve been diligent in maintaining excellent food and service for its patrons.


Indulge in our award-winning dim sum prepared fresh daily. Experience our exquisite dinner menu. At Western Lake, we use the freshest ingredients to showcase the finest Chinese Cuisine and serve in a warm and elegant environment.


Bao Bei


Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Canada
Photo courtesy of Bao Bei

Located in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, Bao Bei serves modern Chinese food in a chic setting.


Bao Bei cultivates simple intimate dining experiences by providing small plates meant to be shared amongst a close group of friends and family. Influences are taken from Taiwan and Shanghai as well as the Sichuan province but we continue to look for ideas and inspiration to keep the flavours true but to take a more modern approach to Chinese cuisine. We also love a good stiff cocktail and a nice glass of pinot noir to go with our food so we’ve taken great care to create distinctive libations and to curate a nice little list of wines for you.


While our favorites are in Toronto and Vancouver, have you been to a great Chinese restaurant elsewhere in Canada that should be included? We’d love to know so we can try it. If you make it over to Toronto, you may wish to take a side trip to New York to experience New York’s top Chinese restaurants.

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Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Canada