Absolut Elyx: The Luxury Vodka You Have Been Waiting For

If you appreciate a smooth vodka with a pleasing taste, you may want to drink it straight and you’ll need a quality vodka for that. Absolut has long been a purveyor of quality vodka and it’s often used in mixed drinks, but they’ve released a true luxury vodka – Absolut Elyx – that not only enhances a mixed cocktail, but it’s also delicious on its own.

Quality Ingredients


Absolut Elyx: The Luxury Vodka You Have Been Waiting For


From the very beginning of their process, Absolut keeps each batch of Elyx traceable.


Every drop of our vodka is distilled from soft winter wheat, grown on one single estate in the south of Sweden.


Their commitment to quality starts when the seed is planted and continues all the way through both the distillation and bottling processes which means when you get the bottle, its quality is carefully managed and maintained.


We manually distill Elyx in a vintage copper still from 1921, which only a few select expert craftsmen who have inherited their knowledge and expertise from generations of Swedish vodka makers operate by hand. Our still is made entirely of copper and it’s the magic of these copper surfaces that enable us to craft a naturally smooth vodka with a rich silky mouth-feel and real character.


This has paid off for them as they’ve won two gold medals in the vodka category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and they’ve also been rated 96 out of 100 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine – a first for a vodka.

Socially Conscious



Absolut operates under the premise that they believe everyone in our world should strive to take responsibility and be socially conscious. To that end, they’ve spent the past few years partnering with Water For People. This non-profit organization works to provide sustainable water solutions where they are needed most.


For every bottle of Elyx sold in the United States we will provide one week’s worth of safe water for someone in need and for every sale on the Elyx Boutique we will provide access to a month’s worth of water (560 litres).


On The Rocks


Absolut Elyx: The Luxury Vodka You Have Been Waiting For


As a luxury vodka, Absolut Elyx is a smooth shot or a beautiful sipper. They recommend serving it over ice (they recommend hand-chipped ice) in a rocks glass and suggest a garnish of fresh lemon zest or star anise. It is meant to be savored as it is sipped slowly.

In A Martini


Absolut Elyx: The Luxury Vodka You Have Been Waiting For


Dubbed the King of Cocktails, the hallmark of a good vodka is an excellent martini and Absolut’s Elyx the perfect base for a perfect martini.


An Absolut Elyx Martini is the perfect way to celebrate the rich and silky mouthfeel of our luxurious spirit in a mixed drink. Serve chilled, either wet or dry. Ensure it reaches the hands of your guest as cold as possible.


Their recipe for a dry martini includes 10 parts Elyx to one part Lillet Blanc, while their recipe for wet martini includes two parts Elyx to one part Lillet Blanc. Of course, you’ll want to garnish it with a lemon zest or a classic: the green olive.

As A Cocktail

Absolut Elyx: The Luxury Vodka You Have Been Waiting For


While a luxury vodka is perhaps best served straight up, we know it provides an excellent base for an excellent martini which leads to the logic that it will create a luxury cocktail as well. While you won’t want to go crazy with it, a simple, classic cocktail will help celebrate that beauty that is Elyx. They recommend a classic Palomino which is two parts Elyx, 1 part sherry, 1 fresh orange wedge (squeezed and discarded), topped with tonic water in a highball glass with ice. Of course, garnish that Palomino with a fresh orange wedge. Cheers!

With the quality of Absolut Elyx, you’ll want to experience it in every application we’ve mentioned. Which one appeals most to you? For a break from vodka, or if it’s not to your taste, perhaps you’ll enjoy our beer lover’s bucket list.

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Absolut Elyx: The Luxury Vodka You Have Been Waiting For