The Best Coffee in the World: Where to Find the Best Cup

So many coffee shops claim to have the world’s best coffee but few can back up their claim. For the true coffee aficionado, finding a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is a dream for which you are willing to travel. If you’re in search of some of the best coffee in the world, you’ll want to plan a visit to these four coffee shops right away!

Supreme Roastworks


Supreme Roastworks Oslo Norway The Best Coffee in the World: Where to Find the Best Cup


This cafe and roastery is located in Oslo, Norway. Barista and co-owner Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen won 2015’s World Brewers Cup, an annual competition that focuses on preparing and serving filtered coffee using the competitor’s chosen method of hand brewing. Since that time, a visit to Supreme Roastworks is a popular tourist stop for coffee lovers visiting Oslo.


Supreme Roastworks is an excellent spot for a quick mid-morning espresso or a slow mid-afternoon pour over and cinnamon bun. You’ll likely find a group of regulars sitting around the bar and catching up with the owners, and the staff will gladly engage in conversation about the coffee. “We love serving our amazing customers and working with people who truly enjoy and understand our concept and philosophy,” says Magnus. As they like to say: no fuss–just great coffee.


Be careful though, once you get a taste of this coffee, you might find a mug anywhere else can’t stand up to the challenge! After all, once you have had the best coffee in the world, it is hard to go back!

Café Sacher Vienna


Café Sacher Vienna The Best Coffee in the World: Where to Find the Best Cup
Photo Courtesy of Café Sacher


The world-famous café Sacher is known not only for its coffee but also its signature Sachertorte cake. Coffee shops in Vienna are an elegant affair so be prepared to enjoy a cup of Viennese coffee in style.


The Sacher Cafés in Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Innsbruck provide the perfect opportunity to experience Austrian coffee house culture at its best. Treat yourself to a cup of the finest coffee, a slice of Original Sacher-Torte and one of the many delicious pastries in sumptuous surroundings.


The opulent decor is surprisingly comfortable and welcoming. Chat with other patrons, read, or enjoy a lively game of chess during your visit. Above all enjoy sipping on the world’s best coffee!

Petra Roasting Co.


Petra Roasting Co. Istanbul World's Best Coffee The Best Coffee in the World: Where to Find the Best Cup
Photo Courtesy of Petra Roasting Co.

If you find yourself in Istanbul, go directly to Petra Roasting Co, for a contender for the best coffee in the world. The company supplies artisan roasted beans in what is part cafe and part art and antique gallery. Owner Kaan Bergsen says the key to learning to brew the perfect cup of coffee is looking for patterns.


Collect all the data you can. What time you roasted, how the weather is outside, what music you are listening to, how your mood is, everything you can log, log. Then, you see a pattern happening.


You’ll taste the difference when you sample Bergsen’s coffee. You’ll also understand why he’s the go-to source supplying coffee to Turkey’s finest hotels and restaurants.



Artcaffe Kenya The Best Coffee in the World: Where to Find the Best Cup


Artcaffe in Nairobi, Kenya takes coffee brewing to the next level. They use Kenyan Arabica coffee beans brewed in the European fashion for a unique coffee. The company takes pride in ensuring it’s serving what they deem “an honest cup.”


We are proud that our coffee comes from the Fairtrade scheme; it means that we can be confident that the farmers who grow our beans are getting a fair price and a sustainable source of income.


Enjoy your coffee alongside some of Artcaffe’s artisanal bread and you’ll see why this is a must-try for serious coffee connoisseurs.

If you are a true coffee fanatic, any of these four cafes is well worth a trip. Sampling some of the world’s best coffee might be on your bucket list. When you find the best coffee in the world, be sure to come back and tell us where you found it! For even more coffee destinations, explore Cafe Culture: Which Cities Serve the Most Expensive Coffee?

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The Best Coffee in the World: Where to Find the Best Cup