The Best Caribbean Rums

Sun, sand and relaxation….everyone loves a Caribbean vacation.  While you can’t bottle the sunshine or the cool tropical breeze, you can certainly bring home the taste of the tropics.  And there is nothing more iconic to island life than rum.  For the past few weeks, I have been tasting the best libations the Caribbean Islands have to offer and picked a few local liquors that will top off even the best bar cart.

Havana Club 7 year, Cuba

This is hands down my favorite dark rum.  Perfect as a stand alone and as a mixer (Rum & Coke please), Havana Club is still hard to come by in the states adding to its allure.  You can find this amber beauty at high end beach bars and at a few Duty Free shops around the world.  Even though its not labeled as organic, most agriculture in Cuba is pesticide free as the chemicals are too expensive for the farmers to buy.  Again, this is a must for any booze lover.

Tiburon, Belize


 Ashlan Cousteau- The Best Caribbean Rums


It was the bottle that first caught my eye, a gorgous shark surronded by beautiful hazel liquid (I love sharks as you can see).  Tiburon is a molasses based rum that is aged in old oak bourbon bottles.  The warm climate of Belize helps to mature the rum more quickly, giving them the taste of an older vintage.

Brugal Anejo, Dominican Republic


 Ashlan Cousteau- The Best Caribbean Rums


A favorite among Dominicans, this tawny liquor was first brewed by Mr. Brugal in 1888 and is still crafted by his family today.  A recipe closely guarded, Brugal is perfect for any tropical drink from the classic Rum Punch to a cool Pina Colada.

Zacapa 23, Guatamala


 Ashlan Cousteau- The Best Caribbean Rums


Caramel and smooth with a hint of raisin, Zacapa is a blend of rums from 6 to 23 years old.  Made at over 7500 feet above sea level in the highlands of Quetzaltenango, Zacapa is a quintestil sipper, over ice or straight up. Either way, you can close your eyes and imagine a hammock swaying gently between palm trees.


The Best Caribbean Rums

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The Best Caribbean Rums