The World’s Most Exclusive Events for Food and Wine Lovers

Have you ever been wine tasting on the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean? Or the beautiful streets of Italy? Now you can taste some of the world’s best wines, enjoy award-winning food and meet your favorite master chefs in some of the most luxurious places in the world. Even if you don’t want to travel too far, there are events happening nearly every month around the world. Remember to buy your tickets ahead of time, leave the kiddos at home and dress to impress! These are just some of our favorite events for food and wine lovers around the globe.

Cayman Cookout


food and wine festival
Source: Cayman Cookout


Great food, tasty wine, beachfront views – does it get any better than that? Located on the Cayman Islands’ breathtaking Seven Mile Beach, the Cayman Cookout boasts an impressive lineup of chefs, spirit experts and culinary extraordinaires. For its 10th anniversary in January of 2018, this exclusive weekend features cooking demonstrations, dinners, wine tastings, tours and more. Hosted by household name Chef Eric Ripert and other celebrities such as Emeril Legasse, this event is a must for any wine and beach lover. To purchase tickets, learn about the various activities and more, visit their website HERE.

Newport Beach Wine and Food


food and wine festival
Source: Newport Beach Wine and Food


As the most exclusive, intimate food and wine event in Southern California, Newport Beach Wine and Food has everything you’re looking for. This weekend-long event offers guests one-of-a-kind dinners from celebrity chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa and Hubert Keller. Taste samples from more than 40 top restaurants and local masters while enjoying more than 250 varieties of wine and beer. This year’s event takes place from September 29th through October 1st and will also include cooking demonstrations, mixology courses, tasting panels and VIP events. For ticket and schedule information, visit their website HERE.

Calici di Stelle


food and wine festival
Source: Calici di Stelle


In need of an Italy trip next summer? You won’t want to miss the Calici di Stelle taking place across the country in August. Translated to “a glass made out of stars”, this event is great for both wine lovers and professionals. Wineries from Val d’Aosta to Sicily will be welcoming guests, tourists and locals inside for cellar tours and wine tastings. There will also be cultural events taking place throughout the week along with shows, designs and artwork. For more information on Calici di Stelle’s open cellars, activities and tours, visit their website HERE.

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival


food and wine festival
Source: Hawaii Food and Wine Festival


This nonprofit organization is the premiere event of the Pacific. Taking place across multiple Hawaiian islands over three weekends in October and November, the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival mixes food with paradise. More than 100 world-renowned master chefs, culinary influencers and wine makers participate in this festival each year. There are demonstrations, excursions, tastings and exclusive dining events. Hawaii, Maui and Oahu will be hosting various activities throughout the weeks for guests to enjoy along with travel accommodations during the festival. For more information about the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, visit their website HERE.

There’s nothing more fun than spending your day (or weekend) with great friends, tasty food and wine, master chefs and beautiful views. With so many food and wine events happening each month, there’s endless opportunities to travel and sip on your favorite spirits. From beachfront festivals to elegant tastings, there’s a little something for everything at these events. Wondering how all of those delicious wines are crafted? See our best secrets for making the most expensive wines and what makes one bottle different from another.

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The World’s Most Exclusive Events for Food and Wine Lovers