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Timeless, classic, comfortable:  these words are often used to describe mid-century modern furniture, and also explain why so many find this style appealing.  Developed during the age of television, Charles and Ray Eames were perfecting techniques for curving plywood and ensuring durability of the exposed lamination that are used to this day.  Their style is often imitated, but nothing can compare to the original. Eames designs were revolutionary, juxtaposing the plainest of materials, plywood, exposed in a high-end luxury furniture set. Simple yet luxurious all at once.

Hume Bespoke
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Furniture Restoration


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The Eames chair, produced with Herman Miller, remains a highly sought after item by mid-century modern furniture aficionados.  Time does take itWhat s toll on these beautiful pieces of home decor, and a leader in the luxury furniture restoration industry is Hume Modern.  The team at Hume emphasizes personal style with a custom touch.

Production designer Jeannine Oppewall, who amassed a mid-century furniture collection while scouting yard sales and flea markets for pieces to use on film sets, raves about Hume Modern, saying,  “Alfie knows these pieces backward, forward and inside out,” she says. “He gives great advice about how to preserve the value of your investments.”

Bespoke Furniture


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For clients who wish to have the ultimate in customer service as they decorate their space, there is Hume Bespoke.  Using the finest quality products, they can restore worn out mid-century furniture to its former glory. From office furniture to dining tables to outdoor seating, no task is too big or small.  Take this amazing lounger for example.  Hume Bespoke can use plush fabrics or sumptuous leathers to enhance stunning metal or soft wood finished frames.  Why be like everyone else?  Choose the textiles that fit your personal style.


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If you want your office, showroom, or home to stand out from the rest, luxury custom furniture is the way to go.

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Hume Bespoke:  Timeless Furniture