The Best Eco-Luxury Linens and Towels

Our homes are our sanctuaries.  From our furniture to our décor to the candles we burn, we all try and create our own little piece of paradise in our studio apartments or our country estates. I travel all the time and when I’m on the road I miss three things: my husband, my dog and my bed.  I’m a true sucker for luxurious sheets and cozy towels.  But I also want to make sure my linens are made well, with the environment in mind.  Here are the sheets and towels I use in my own house.



The Best ECOLUXURY Linens and Towels with Ashlan Cousteau


This company does it all, cozy. blankets, silky sheets, gorgeous table linens and more.  They design all of their products with reverence for the planet and everything produced under their label is produced and processed to the strictest environmental standards in safe and humane working conditions.  I use their 500 thread count Supima sateen duvet cover in 100% organic cotton.  It feels like you are sleeping in a cloud.  Coyuchi also carries wool, flannel, jersey and linen collections too.

Eucalyptus Origins


The Best ECOLUXURY Linens and Towels with Ashlan Cousteau


Cotton is a water intensive plant.  So if you are looking for a cotton alternative, try eucalyptus.  The fibers used in weaving these sheets are from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees, which keeps your body feeling cool during your sleep.  I have the 600 thread count on my bed and the guest bed…they feel like silk!  I have had the sheets for about four years and they still look great.  (Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.):



The Best ECOLUXURY Linens and Towels with Ashlan Cousteau


My hubby and I were given these towels for Christmas by his mother.  They are like no other towel I have ever used.  Their 100% linen fabric is light, quick to absorb and quick to dry.  They are non-colored in a soothing tan and take up minimal space in your linen closet and your washer & drier, saving you time and electricity on laundry day.  Now these are not big fluffy towels, instead they offer gentle exfoliation while you dry off and only get better and softer with age.   I highly recommend giving these towels a try, they come in kitchen size too.

From my home to yours, xo.

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The Best Eco-Luxury Linens and Towels