My Five Favorite Sustainable Restaurants In the US

Food is going back to its roots.  We used to have a personal relationship with our food as we would only eat what we grew on our own land or traded with our neighbors.  The agricultural boom allowed us freedom from food, we could buy whatever our hearts desired in a multitude of grocery stores that constantly stocked produce from around the world.  Our relationship to what was on the end of our forks became distant.  But many chefs, restaurants and consumers are reevaluating the loving relationship with what we eat.  Here are my favorite sustainable restaurants who are doing their part to serve local, organic and yummy nosh.

Blue Hill, NYC

My first farm to table experience was when I dined here in 2004.  I had never tasted a pea soup that was so flavorful and vibrant and I immediately fell in love.  The food and service here is as spot on as when it opened in 2000.  All ingredients come from local farms, including their own, located a short drive from the city.

Crossroads Kitchen, Los Angeles

This restaurant is vegan food for vegans and non-vegans alike.  My go-to order is the Crispy Milanese…a plant based chicken parm sandwich that never disappoints.   The cocktails highlight the freshest ingredients and trust me, you will want to try their desserts.

Restaurant Nora, Washington DC 

America’s first certified all organic restaurant opened in 1979 and is still a staple in the local DC foodie scene.  Not only is the food organic and in season, the restaurant is powered by wind energy, composts its food scraps, prints menus on recycled paper and uses only eco cleaning products.  Nora’s is green, through and through.

Restaurant Eugene, Atlanta

Sophisticated classic cuisine which is sourced seasonally and locally are brought to you though this husband and wife owned chef/sommelier team.  The kitchen’s rule here is to make as much from scratch as possible, from the simplest rue to a big grand sauce.  You can taste the care that went into growing the produce, making the food and sourcing the wine.

Carmel Honey Company

Don’t like to eat out?  Have no fear, here is the perfect sustainable staple for your kitchen.  Carmel Honey Company was started by entrepreneur Jake Reisdorf through his love of bees and their importance to pollinating our food.  He painstakingly looks after his hives all over the Carmel-Monterey area and makes sure his bees are happy, healthy and thriving. The result is absolute golden perfection.  He just launched his online store here so you too can enjoy the nectar of his hard work and dedication. Oh, and did I mention Mr. Reisdorf is 14 years old?

Happy eating!  Xo, Ashlan

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My Five Favorite Sustainable Restaurants In the US