Introducing Ashlan Cousteau

We have exciting news at .LUXURY.  We are pleased to announce our own .LUXURY Ambassadors.  An inaugural group of luxury tastemakers and influencers, our .LUXURY Ambassadors will share their views on the latest in luxury every month on our Discover.Luxury blog.

We are proud to welcome Ashlan Cousteau as our first .LUXURY ambassador. Ashlan is part of the Cousteaus’ environmental activist dynasty and an expert in one of the hottest categories in luxury: ECO LUXURY. Ashlan and her husband, Philippe Cousteau, travel the world to engage viewers through incredible stories, documentaries and experiences such as diving with nuclear sharks in the Marshall Islands, off Mexico, searching for tigers in the jungles of Nepal and running with the caribou in the Arctic.

Ashlan’s love of luxury goes back to her college days where her first luxury purchase was a black Gucci monogram hobo bag that she still owns.  She encourages us to enjoy luxury in a more thoughtful and meaningful way. Here Ashlan answers some of our questions about luxury.

Dot Luxury: What does luxury mean to you?

ASHLAN: To me, luxury means something that is beautiful and lasts forever.  It could be a well made shoe you cherish, a beautiful place that is ingrained in your memory or something special that you do only for yourself.

Dot Luxury: How do you feel Eco and luxury are tied together?

ASHLAN: The garment industry is the number two polluter in the world, and a majority of that waste comes from fast fashion. For me, being eco or environmentally conscious means investing in well made, beautiful  pieces that I will have forever and not throw away after one wear. is timeless.

Dot Luxury: What is a daily luxury you enjoy?

ASHLAN: My amazing perfume by Killian.  The first day I wore it was on my wedding day.  Every time I smell it, the memories of that perfect day come streaming back to me. Its a daily moment I have for myself.

Dot Luxury: What is your biggest splurge?

ASHLAN: I bought a gorgeous nude silk painter’s shirt from Tom Ford’s first women’s collection as Tom Ford.  I love that shirt and get compliments every time I wear it.

We are thrilled to let Ashlan welcome you to the world of through her eco adventures and thoughtful eco friendly luxury items she adores. Explore more trends right here monthly by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Introducing Ashlan Cousteau