.Luxury Spotlight: Eva LaRue

Our luxury travel ambassador, Eva LaRue, recently launched a .Luxury website.  You can keep up with Eva and all of her luxury travel adventures at EvaLaRue.Luxury.  We asked Eva about her site and she described it as follows:

It’s a place where I’m able to share  everything from my work, creative projects and philanthropic inspirations, to my favorite travel adventures, products and fashion.
We really wanted to know more about what Eva thinks about her new .Luxury domain.  She answered a few questions about her experience and thoughts on the brand.

.Luxury:  What is your favorite part of being on this new and exciting world-wide-web platform?

Eva:  It was exciting to realize how large and engaged the luxury community is, and how it’s inclusive of almost everyone’s interest and fascination!   Luxury has changed in the last decade to be more inclusive, it’s no longer determined by a chosen few or by socio-economics, but defined by a new, individual perspective of how we choose to pamper ourselves.

.Luxury:  What made you decide to launch EvaLaRue using a .luxury domain?

Eva:  The .Luxury domain was the perfect place to share my love of luxury travel with a larger audience. Luxury is subjective, and we all have our opinions of what’s indulgent, comforting, captivating, bewitching, ravishing or delectable… We all have our Bucket/Wish lists, and I felt this was the perfect place to look at a more accessible version of luxury. 

.Luxury:  How is having has a .LUXURY site elevated your brand?

Eva:  Having a luxury domain has expanded my viewership to include a large segment of the population that loves luxury and travel, and it provided the perfect platform to merge the two. It’s also given me to opportunity to look at what makes luxury more approachable. It’s a place for me to explore what today’s luxury is all about- With what, and how, do we pamper ourselves, at any price range.
Eva also shares posts on Discover.Luxury where you can see all about her adventure at the elephant camp in Thailand. You can also get Eva’s posts delivered to your inbox every month by subscribing to our newsletter.

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.Luxury Spotlight:  Eva LaRue