Social Initiatives Spearheaded by Luxury Brands

In 2016, the Luxury Institute and Positive Luxury released a report on a study they conducted. The report titled “2016 Predictions for the Luxury Industry: Sustainability and Innovation”, centered around luxury brands moving into the social initiative space with which they previously were not affiliated. Preceding the report and especially following, more and more luxury brands began to spearhead social initiatives and their efforts have been impressive.

Bulgari & Save the Children


Social Initiatives Spearheaded by Luxury Brands
Photo courtesy of Bulgari


Back in 2009, Bulgari wanted to make a difference as they saw a need with disadvantaged children. They designed and created a specific jewelry line, B.zero1, for the purpose of funding their initiative to support Save the Children. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each piece in the line goes directly to Save the Children. There are now several pieces in the B.zero1 line and they’re available in Bulgari stores worldwide, some department stores, and online. In addition to this line, they also participate in field trips to Save the Children project areas for the purpose of promoting awareness and to cultivate success for the initiative. They’ve made staff field trips to Albania, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Uganda. They’ve also visited domestic programs in the United States and Italy. Support Bulgari’s Save the Children efforts by purchasing a piece from the B.zero1 line.

Tod’s & Sustainability


Social Initiatives Spearheaded by Luxury Brands
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Tod’s


Tod’s is an Italian shoe, bag, ready-to-wear, and accessory brand known for their fine goods that are in demand worldwide. Their commitment to the quality of their products extends to their commitment to sustainability as well as their commitment to their home country of Italy. For the past few years now, the company’s shareholders have approved the redistribution of a share of its profits “to provide economic support to voluntary associations that assist young people join the work force, economically disadvantaged persons and senior citizens, as well as promote the education and training of young people.”

2016 was an impressive year for the company as they demonstrated their commitment and opted to provide support to the town of Arquata del Tronto and the surrounding areas which were affected by a devastating earthquake. Part of this earthquake support effort was to help rebuild and to locate a new factory in the town to help it gain its economic stability. That same year, they partnered with Save the Children in an ad campaign to raise awareness. They also began support of a program at San Patrignano which works with addicted and marginalized people to help them in their recovery journey. Support their ongoing efforts by purchasing their beautiful products online or in stores.

Four Seasons & The Ocean


Social Initiatives Spearheaded by Luxury Brands
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai


The AAA Five Diamond-rated Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Hawaii’s Big Island is more than a destination resort. With world-class accommodations, dining, spa, golf, and more, it is a resort that understands their impact on the environment and the ocean it showcases. The resort’s Natural Resources Team organized a program in support of World Oceans Day that invites guests to participate in events and activities including a beach clean up. The purpose of showcasing World Oceans Day is to highlight the resort’s preservation and sustainability efforts in which they engage every day of the year. It may be part self-promotion, but it is also a great deal of education. They want their guests to appreciate their surroundings as much as they do. Support their ongoing efforts and book your next vacation with Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

As more luxury brands realize the importance of social responsibility and sustainability, more and more efforts in supporting these types of initiatives are coming to light. The best way we can tell these brands that we appreciate their efforts is to support them.  You can also continue to promote them through word of mouth and social media. When you’re shopping is complete and you are ready to dine, consider one of these Sustainable Michelin-Starred Restaurants.

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Social Initiatives Spearheaded by Luxury Brands