5 Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs

Women owned businesses are a force to be reckoned with. They have increased over 30% since 2007, and make up 36% of all businesses according to the 2012 census. Research shows that enthusiastic or opportunistic entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed than reluctant entrepreneurs. They are more likely to create jobs and also more likely to meaningfully contribute to the economy. It is in any country’s best interest to pave the way for their success.

Financial Support


Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs with Financial Support


One of the best ways to support a female entrepreneur is to purchase their products and use their services. When you own everything she sells, buy her products and services for your friends and family. This will also help get the word out about the great quality product or service she is providing.

Another way to monetarily support female entrepreneurs is to donate to an organization or foundation that supports female business owners through grants and monetary gifts. There are usually local groups and many national groups that provide grants and financial support for female owned businesses. If you are really ambitious, you can create your own grant or award for local women business owners.

Encouragement and Networking


Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs through Encouragement and Networking


Let women in your local area know you are available to mentor. Having someone to discuss ideas and challenges can have a great impact on a business owner’s success. You can start by finding local events where female business owners are attending and join in on the networking. Women tend to be very good at networking. Having successful women in attendance sets a great example. You may even be able to introduce her to potential clients or influencers that can help her business grow.

You can also share your own story with female entrepreneurs. The more women who talk about issues and successes, the more everyone can learn. This means sharing both failures and successes. You might even try sending an encouraging note or email to a female entrepreneur. This small gesture will help brighten their day and remind them that they can tackle any issue that comes before them.

Promote Her Business


Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs by Promoting her Business


Social media relies on engagement and sharing. Follow your favorite female owned businesses on social media and engage with their posts. Sharing or liking their posts is also a great way to increase the organic reach for your business friends. You can also review their product online or write a recommendation for them on LinkedIn. You can even provide introductions to your connections through social media. This will help boost their credibility within the community.

Don’t forget to tag their business when you are using their product or sharing a success that came from using their services. Adding a photo of your new hairstyle or handmade jewelry is invaluable in the world of social media.

Create Educational Opportunities


Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs Educational Opportunities


Want to help even more? Try planning a panel discussion or seminar. Keep it simple by inviting several female entrepreneurs to discuss issues and important topics. Women business owners will learn valuable information through the exchange of experiences. You can also try to organize a seminar by an expert in the field of running their own business. The Small Business Administration (SBA), along with local incubators and economic development agencies, can be a rich resource. Team up with one of these organizations to speak on a panel or provide a seminar. Bringing your connections and knowledge to other business owners is providing a great service.

Book Clubs and Gatherings


Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs Book Clubs and Gatherings


Finally, you can start a book club where you discuss books about successful women. There are so many women who have shared their advice, experience, and stories of their climb. It might even be hard to pick a book to start with. Once you are done with your book, you can start a lending library for ladies in your office. You never know who is thinking about starting their own business and looking for just the right push to make it happen.

The businesses women create are usually ones that help make the world a better place. Providing support to female entrepreneurs encourages an innovative landscape where the community’s and world’s problems are being solved.  Be sure to do all that you can to support female entrepreneurs in your life.  If you love reading about women empowerment, then you’ll also enjoy 3 Lessons From the 2018 Golden Globes.

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5 Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs