The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Charlotte

Filled with a rich history and southern charm, Charlotte, North Carolina may surprise visitors with its proliferation of Asian food options including some outstanding Asian fusion restaurants. This is due in part to the fact that Charlotte is the United States’ second-largest hub for banking – right behind New York City. Having that presence on the world stage led to some amazing restaurant developments over the years. Right now we’re obsessed with their Asian fusion scene, so much so that we’re sharing our top four picks of our favorites.

Yama Asian Fusion


The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Charlotte
Photo courtesy of Yama Asian Fusion


Known for its elegant environment and outstanding and creative sushi and sashimi entrees, Yama Asian Fusion has also made their mark with their hibachi entrees and bento box specials. Their cuisine is clearly focused on specialty sushi as well as an impressive selection of sakes. You’re certain to enjoy their use of bluefin tuna, seasonal fish, and other exotic seafood.

Charlotte Magazine’s review of Yama Asian Fusion noted that it is “one of those places that keeps you coming back- for the top-quality fish, beautifully finessed sushi, good service, and intimate setting”. While QC Exclusive stated that “ Owner Birdie Yang brings New York city level quality and sophistication to everything from the food to the decor, while also giving patrons that small town feel of your favorite neighborhood restaurant with his hands-on and friendly approach with guests.” Dishes like their Salmon Mango Blossom have helped Yama to earn their excellent reputation.



The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Charlotte
Photo courtesy of Hibiscus


Bibimbap has become more popular and that popularity is due to restaurants like Hibiscus doing more than justice to the dish. Preparing it so beautifully that people tell others that they have to try it. The Grandma’s Bibimbap is worth a trip to Charlotte.


Tucked in Park Towne Village, Hibiscus brings a delicate touch to some classic Thai and Korean dishes, while introducing a series of comfort food from Southeast Asia. In addition, the menu offers a delectable sushi selection, along with a unique succession of fresh ingredient cocktails. Join us for an authentic modern dining experience.


While the food alone will entice you to visit Hibiscus, people rave about their cocktails. They maintain a menu of rotating seasonal specialty cocktails to whet your whistle and pair with your meal and they do so seamlessly. Fun fact, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your room when visiting Charlotte by ordering online and having it delivered through Eat24!

Seoul Food Meat Company



Seoul Food Meat Company makes no qualms about their lack of traditional Korean food, i.e. no “bibimbap, bulgogi, or even kimchi”, but its with good reason. That reason? They are a “southern BBQ restaurant with a heavy Korean inspiration.” They feel that “Korean restaurants are, dare we say, easy. We do our best to combine these two fantastic cuisines together.” They do so beautifully. From the meats to the wings to sides to the sweets, Seoul Food Meat Company is a unique Charlotte experience that will challenge your love of both Korean food as well as great barbecue.

They note that their “goal is to introduce our patrons to new and exciting flavor combinations to create a can’t-find-it-anywhere-else experience. Our menu only contains dishes you can’t find at either traditional Korean restaurants or southern BBQ joints. We believe this offers us the greatest challenge while at the same time, creating dishes you can’t find anywhere else.” After a visit, you’ll certainly agree, they’re achieving that goal and succeeding.

Rai Lay


The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Charlotte
Photo courtesy of Rai Lay


Rai Lay brings traditional Thai street food into a chic, industrial setting to enjoy along side some delicious sushi and interesting cocktails. The story of Rai Lay is one of culinary success. Based on the success of their first restaurant, Deejai Thai, they decided to “launch a new restaurant located in the heart of South End, named Rai Lay, inspired by the beautiful beach of the same name, nestled in the southern part of Thailand.” They seem to be finding their formula to be successful in the new venture as well as the scene at Rai Lay is vibrant and busy and it makes your visit fun.

While they don’t take reservations, they do offer take-out and, if you’d rather stay in, they’ve teamed with Postmates to bring your favorite dishes from the restaurant right to you. As simple as it seems, one of our favorites at Rai Lay is the shrimp pad Thai. It is beautifully and also absolutely delectable.

Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, this town will welcome you with their southern charm and metropolitan elegance. Will you be sampling one or all of our favorite Asian fusion restaurants in Charlotte? For more love of Asian fusion, visit The Eight Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in New York to prepare for your next trip to New York.

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The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Charlotte