The Best Dining Spots for Milan Fashion Week Attendees

Milan Fashion Week comes to Milan, Italy from September 19-25. While in Milan, you’ll want to dine in these quintessential restaurants during your stay. Whether you are craving traditional Italian dishes, or a more modern approach to the region’s culinary expression, these four dining spots for Milan Fashion Week will satisfy all your senses.

Nobu Milan


The Best Dining Spots for Milan Fashion Week Attendees
Photo courtesy of Matsuhisa Beverly Hills


Nobu Matsuhisa is known internationally for his unique blend of Japanese and Peruvian flavors. The Nobu restaurant located inside the Emporio Armani store in Milan takes Nobu’s menu to a new level blending Italian influences into his already acclaimed style. While in Milan for Fashion Week, Nobu Milan brings together the art of fashion and cuisine into one space.


“Nobu is renowned the world over for its classic, and visually delightful, jalapeño-accented yellowtail sashimi dish that offers exceptional flavor. “


Recently, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa presided over a special dinner at Nobu in Milan where he was able to share his passion, technique and preferred ingredients.  The Nobu Matsuhisa name always means dining at its finest.



The Best Dining Spots for Milan Fashion Week Attendees
Photo courtesy of Bice


Founded by Beatrice Mungai, Bice has been in its current location since 1939. Bice is an old historical and traditional restaurant renowned in Milan for its elegance and refinement. Still family owned and operated, Beatrice’s grandchildren Roberta and Beatrice, took the lead in 1996. Chef Vincenzo Mazzone has been the head of the kitchen since 1980.


“The floor features a red tartan carpet that is the distinguishing trait of the the restaurant.
The walls are embellished with refined details, prints, paintings and ravishing mirrors and all sorts of beautiful decors.”


Homemade and comfort are two words we would use to describe Bice’s culinary style. The homemade desserts are very popular here.  These include classical tiramisu, warm apple pie, and, of course, the famous gianduia (chocolate hazelnut) ice cream.  You can also indulge in the castagnaccio which is a gluten free Tuscan cake made with chestnut flour and flavored with pine nuts, walnuts, raisins and rosemary.

Their homemade pasta is another marvel.  It can be adorned with a variety of sauces; fresh tomato, basil pesto, and bottarga cream.  You might also top your dish with porcini mushrooms or, during the season, the tartufo d’Alba or “The White Truffle”. The most popular among all these dishes is still the classic pappardelle al telefono.

Da Giacomo

Tuscan Chef Giacomo Bulleri has been operating restaurants since 1958. He opened Da Giacomo in 1990 where he continues to delight his loyal international customers.  Da Giacomo also pays homage to old Milanese trattorias of the early nineteen hundreds with its green-painted ornate wooden paneling and embossed wallpaper. Architects Renzo Mongiardino and Roberto Peregalli have designed a space that transports customers back in time.

The Da Giacomo name has become synonymous with seafood. From the moment you walk into this famous eatery and see the crab and sea bass displayed in the glass showcase, you know that seafood is king. During the season, you can also find dishes based on AlbaTartufi or “The White Truffle of Alba”.  Perhaps you might enjoy their ovoli and porcini mushroom dishes better.  Whatever your culinary delight, you are sure to be enjoy your meal at this delectable locale.



The Best Dining Spots for Milan Fashion Week Attendees
Photo courtesy of The Mandarin Oriental


Antonio Guida is one of the most celebrated chefs in Italy with his fascination of the world of culinary alchemy. Chef Guida has worked at various Michelin-starred restaurants during his extensive travels through Europe and Asia. Only four months after Seta opened, Antonio Guida led the hotel to gain the first Michelin star in 2015, followed by its second Michelin star just one year later in 2016. Updating traditional recipes with his own creative culinary techniques, chef Guida’s menu offers an exciting, contemporary take on classic Italian cuisine.

Located in the heart of the kitchen, The Chef’s Table offers an exclusive dining experience for two lucky people. When you sit at the Chef’s Table, you become immersed in the magic and creative vision of Executive Chef Guida and his team. As a bonus, you get to meet Chef Guida as he guides you through your meal.

Inspiration for the food at Seta comes from Chef Guida’s southern Italian heritage and the influence of the culinary history of Tuscany and France. The menu offers a taste of modern Italian cooking. Impressively, there are more than 500 labels on the wine list to find the perfect pairing to your meal. Many of them are Italian wines and champagnes from historic and niche producers.

Are there any other restaurants that you enjoy while visiting Milan?  Which of these dining spots for Milan Fashion Week will you try?  If you enjoy reading about Milan and fashion, then you’ll enjoy our tips for doing Milan in a day.

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The Best Dining Spots for Milan Fashion Week Attendees