From Don Julio to Gran Patron: Our Favorite Luxury Tequilas

Tequila may be a staple of bachelorette parties and frat houses everywhere, but high quality tequila is masterful and savory.  While there are dozens of master tequila producers in the world, these are our five favorite luxury tequilas.  Enjoy in your favorite beverage to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or serve up at your next cocktail party.

Alquimia Reserva de Don Adolfo Extra Añejo Tequila


From Don Julio to Gran Patron: Our Favorite Luxury Tequilas
Image: Tequila Alquimia

This extra anejo (“extra aged”) tequila is aged for longer than three years in small oak barrels to create a spicy, herbal flavor and a golden color.  Some have described the flavor of this tequila as “cognac-like,” making it a perfect sipping tequila at $125 per bottle.

Don Julio 1942


Image: Don Julio

Because this tequila is aged for not quite three years, it doesn’t technically count as extra anejo.  The light amber color and fiery spiciness balances an almost creamy finish.  You can find this tequila from $160 per bottle.

Gran Patrón Platinum


Image: Patron Tequila

This triple-distilled tequila is made from Weber blue agave and aged in oak barrels for at least a year.  The fresh, smooth flavored tequila is in a crystal bottle that matches its luxury flavor.  Expect to pay about $210 per bottle.

AsomBroso Añejo Tequila


Image: Asom Broso Tequila

Because this tequila is aged for such an extremely long time — 60 months in French oak casks — the tequila has a sweet caramel flavor.  This extra anejo tequila is also distinctive for its singular bottle shape and has a price tag of $240 per bottle.

Casa Dragones Tequila Joven


Image: Casa Dragones

The most expensive tequila on our list features traditionally-produced, extra anejo tequila that has been distilled multiple times.  The high quality tequila is in hand blown glass bottles with hand-numbered, signed labels.  This is a collector’s tequila that you should savor and sells for $302 per bottle.

So which of these luxury tequilas will you add to your bar?

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From Don Julio to Gran Patron: Our Favorite Luxury Tequilas