Our Favorite Steakhouse in Paris

The French have always prided themselves on their fierce independence. While they usually rebuke all things from other countries, when they find something they love, something that is a commonality with another nation, they grab onto it and enjoy it to their heart’s content. Taking a nod from the Americans, they have wholeheartedly embraced the concept of the American steakhouse (though, they are reticent to use the term American). Their love of the steakhouse has more to do with their love of beef than with anything of American influence, but who cares? They’ve created some amazing steakhouses that are worthy of a visit when you’re in Paris. After all, they have added their own special French take on the concept. Did your favorite steakhouse in Paris make the list?

Les Oreilles et la Queue


Les Oreilles et la Queue Steakhouse in Paris
Photo courtesy of Les Oreilles et la Queue


Translated to ears and tails, Les Oreilles et la Queue is excited to share their passion for quality and beauty in the beef they source from the best French and worldwide breeds. They note that they “are a house specializing in high-quality beef, Heiress to the finest French gastronomic know-how.” And that their “wine list combines the biggest names with smaller, but yet enthusiastic producers.” Although they are a steakhouse, they are decided French noting that they “offer a 100% French alternative to the anglo-saxon steakhouses.”

Bang! Viande Du Monde


Bang! Viande Du Monde Steakhouse in Paris
Photo courtesy of Bang! Viande Du Monde


This is another steakhouse in Paris sourcing their meat from around the planet with the goal being to serve the best of all the beef that is available. Their communication is simple, “Hungry wolf, carnivorous envy, lovers of natural wines! It’s at the Bang! on the Canal Saint Martin.” It’s the simplicity that you’d expect from a steakhouse that focuses on creating an experience that is truly unforgettable. From the foie gras with grappa to start your meal to faux filet Normand for your main course with accompaniments ranging from a leek fondue to fries with truffle oil and parmesan and, of course, finishing with their perfect chocolate and salted butter caramel dessert, everything is outstanding at Bang!

Drugstore Steakhouse


Drugstore Steakhouse in Paris
Photo courtesy of Drugstore Steakhouse


Drugstore Steakhouse is housed in the Publicis Drugstore and serves as what they call an appendix to renowned ad agency Publicis Groupe. They are located on the Champs-Elysées serving Argentine, American, and French cuts of beef. While it may be a bit on the pricier side, it is well worth the cost – perhaps even for the concept alone. As they note, “Chef Eric Frechon reinvents the spirit of the place and imagined cards that, throughout the day, free the table of conventions.” The chef himself stated, “I put to map everything I wanted to share.” He seems to have done just that and done so successfully.

The Beef Club


The Beef Club Steakhouse in Paris
Photo courtesy of The Beef Club


Located just a few blocks from the Louvre, The Beef Club is the perfect spot for a great meal after a long day exploring the famed museum. The location is a former butcher shop and its founders who also created the Experimental Cocktail Club believe in a farm-to-table ethic for their restaurant. They pride themselves on sourcing their meat from a farm in Yorkshire that has its own reputation. That reputation is one of having what is considered to be the world’s best cattle. From the beginning the restaurant pushed the envelope as one of its founders, butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec posed nude as a side of beef for a promotional ad promoting the then-new restaurant.

It’s hard to believe that you’ll travel to Paris and experience some of the best steakhouses in the world, but it’s true. They’ve taken their love of steak and the steakhouse and made it their own, and have done so very well. Which one will you be sinking your teeth into? After finding a great steakhouse in Paris, you may want to try something different. Maybe you’ll be able to hit one of these top Chinese restaurants in Paris.

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Our Favorite Steakhouse in Paris