Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Paris

The French do not mince words. In fact, their critical view of their own cuisine allows for an influx of different cuisines from around the world including a wide range of Asian options. At the forefront of these are some excellent Chinese restaurants.  In fact, we have been on a hunt for the best Chinese food in Paris. So we have our top five picks below for the best Chinese restaurants in Paris. Be sure to try them all on your next trip.

Shang Palace


Shang Palace Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Paris
Photo courtesy of Shangri-La Hotel Paris


In the early days of the influx of Chinese food in Paris, Shang Palace opened in 2011 and earned a Michelin Star in 2012. They are the jewel of the Shangri-La Hotel serving up delicious food inspired by the Cantonese traditions of Southeast China. Their food is as authentic as any you’ll find outside of China and you can experience it in the main dining room or book a private dining room. Chef Samuel Lee Sum excels at rejecting the status quo and also challenges himself to go beyond what one would expect of his traditional cuisine. Some say that this is the best Chinese food in Paris.



TaoKan best chinese food in paris
Photo courtesy of TaoKan


With two locations in Paris, TaoKan is a fixture on the Paris Chinese food scene with their contemporary Chinese cuisine.  As one of the best Chinese restaurants in Paris, their delectable focus is on dim sum and, of course, their house specialty, teppanyaki. The perfect meal may start with the E Gan Bao, a brioche with foie gras, ginger, and chicken. You may also try the Guo Tie which is Peking chicken ravioli.  Then move on to something like the Long Li, a pan-fried whole sole with a ginger-soy marinade. Everything on their menu seems to be tempting and also perfectly delicious.



Lili Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Paris
Photo courtesy of Lili/The Peninsula Hotel


Having begun his career at age 17 as an apprentice cook, Chef Ma Wing Tak shares his passion for gastronomy through his traditional Cantonese cuisine at Lili at The Peninsula Hotel.


Incorporating typical Hong Kong specialties and putting the emphasis on fish, seafood, dim sum and authentic cuisine.


In Chinese culture, Lili is the imaginary character symbolizing fertility. The restaurant’s celebration of femininity is in its delicate touch in the most delightful and also satisfying Cantonese cuisine. Where does this rank when it comes to the best Chinese food in Paris? Try it for yourself to find out!

Passy Mandarin


Passy Mandarin Best Chinese Food in Paris
Photo courtesy of Passy Mandarin


In place long before the influx of Asian food to Paris, Passy Mandarin has been serving classic Chinese cuisine. They in the 2017 Michelin Guide and have been introducing dim sum to France from the beginning. Passy Mandarin describes their offerings as “a diversified and refined cuisine.” We would describe them as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Paris.


Come and taste our Peking duck, the house specialty that will delight your taste buds. It is considered the best of Paris by the great Chef Joel Robuchon. The flavors and decor, in the purest Chinese tradition, make you travel!


Chinese food has become a constant in the Paris food scene and it is most definitely a worthwhile experience to indulge in on your next visit to the city of lights. So, tell us, have you visited one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Paris before? Which do you think serves the best Chinese food in Paris? For more excellent Chinese options, read about London’s Top Five Chinese Restaurants.

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Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Paris