Whiskey Brands: 4 Celebrity Recommendations for the Perfect Glass

There’s nothing new about celebrities endorsing their favorite products and services. Their whiskey recommendations are no different. Whether it’s the old world single malts of Scotland or American bourbon whiskey, as whiskey continues to experience a global renaissance we are seeing more and more celebrities endorsements. Here are four of your favorite celebrities and the whiskey brands they love.

Haig Club Grain Whisky


Haig Club Grain Whisky Whiskey Brands: 4 Celebrity Recommendations for the Perfect Glass
Photo Courtesy of Haig Club


David Beckham is the face of this Scottish single grain whiskey, marketed towards millennials and non-scotch drinkers.


Haig Club is a new Single Grain Scotch Whisky with a character and style that sets it apart. Haig Club is designed to be different – from the unique way in which the liquid has been crafted to the distinctive square, blue bottle, to the partnership with global icon David Beckham and British entrepreneur Simon Fuller.


Whiskey recommendations can often be subjective and not appealing to the masses. The unique fresh flavor of this whiskey, however, is appealing to those who may not be traditional whiskey drinkers. It is crafted at Cameronbridge, the oldest single grain distillery in Scotland.

Jim Beam


Jim Beam Whiskey Brands: 4 Celebrity Recommendations for the Perfect Glass
Photo Courtesy of Jim Beam


American Whiskey producer Jim Beam is the choice of whiskey brands for movie actress Mila Kunis. Kunis has been a spokesperson for the Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey for many years now.


As the newest member of the Beam family, Mila Kunis is carrying on a long tradition of doing things our own way. In fact, we age every drop of Jim Beam® twice as long as the law requires for a true Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Come be inspired by Mila and the legacy of the Beam family.


A recommendation from Kunis highlights whiskey’s growing popularity with the younger generation and females in particular.



Lagavulin Whiskey Recommendations
Photo Courtesy of Lagavulin


Nick Offerman’s character Ron Swanson on the popular TV series Parks and Recreation loved his Lagavulin 16. The adoration was so great that the series filmed a portion of the final season at the distillery. This led to an often humorous partnership between Lagavulin and the actor. Most recently the actor starred in a viral YouTube video of himself drinking Lagavulin for 45 minutes, all while maintaining a silent steady gaze with the camera.


Aged in oak casks for at least sixteen years, this much sought-after single malt has the massive peat-smoke that’s typical of southern Islay – but also offering a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting dram.


Whiskey recommendations from Offerman are most decidedly Lagavulin. This also helps educate new whiskey drinkers about old-world single malt whiskey brands they may not otherwise try.

Wild Turkey


Wild Turkey Whiskey Brands: 4 Celebrity Recommendations for the Perfect Glass
Photo Courtesy of Wild Turkey


Superstar actor Matthew McConaughey is well-known for his endorsement of Bourbon Whiskey brand Wild Turkey. His enthusiasm was so great, in fact, that it led him to partner with the brand on a multi-year contract as a creative director.


I told them, ‘I don’t want to be just a face. I have ideas. I’m an idea man.’ The brand is a little dusty, and in some ways I’m shaping a full-on reintroduction.


They recently introduced Wild Turkey Longbranch, a small batch bourbon refined with oak and Texas Mesquite charcoals. Through the partnership with McConaughey, the brand is increasing their share of the valuable millennial market.

Certainly, this upward trend in whiskey’s popularity is nowhere near slowing down. For more whiskey brands you’ll love, read about The Best Single Malt Whiskey and The Best Whiskeys for Holiday Gift Giving. Then try those or these whiskey recommendations from your favorite celebrities. Either way, we don’t think you can go wrong!

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Whiskey Brands: 4 Celebrity Recommendations for the Perfect Glass