5 Environmentally Conscious Watch Designers

As consumers, we have a multitude of choices when we shop.  Some shoppers enjoy using their spending power to reflect their personal preferences or to make a statement.  Environmentally conscious watches offer consumers the opportunity to support eco friendly businesses while looking fashionable.  Here are five watch designers who are impacting our environment with their designs.

Sprout Watches


Sprout Watches was created with a vision to create an eco-forward lifestyle brand which utilizes the highest quality materials while striving to also protect the Earth’s natural resources. Their fashion-forward and eco-friendly timepieces are created with sustainable elements such as biodegradable corn resin, bamboo, cork, organic cotton, mother of pearl conflict free diamonds and Swarovski’s Advanced Lead-Free Crystal.

WeWOOD Watches



This Italian brand, founded in 2009 in Florence, combines the Italian ability to design unique objects with the need for greater care with attention to our planet. As the first watch maker to create wrist watches from wood, their innovation is something to be admired.  The products used are completely free of toxic and artificial materials as they use exotic remnant hardwoods from around the world. For each watch sold WeWOOD also plants a tree.  To date, over 420,000 trees have been planted.

Citizen Eco-Drive



Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light-from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy.  This creates a watch that never needs a battery. The Limited Edition Eco-Drive One is a celebration of Citizen’s 40 years of Eco-Drive Technology. It is also the world’s thinnest light powered watch at just 2.98mm. This beautifully designed timepiece  can be yours for $6000.

JORD Watches



“Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.” JORD Watches creates timepieces for a modern lifestyle.  These are watches for people who have more than somewhere to be, they also have somewhere to go.  Their designers value sustainability, efficiency, as well as experiential living.  The stunning Ebony and Ultramarine designed pictured is just $395.

Fonderie 47



Fonderie 47 transforms tools of war into objects that inspire action. They design more than just watches and each piece in their collection contains pieces of an AK47 rifle.  The proceeds fund programs to remove such weapons from circulation. They have destroyed over fifty thousand AK47s and other assault rifles in Africa.  Inversion Principle is a completely original timepiece by Adrian Glessing.  It is a limited edition of 20 pieces: 10 in white gold and also 10 in red gold.  Each piece bears the serial number of the AK47 from which the steel was wrought.  The purchase of this timepiece, $195,000, enables the destruction of one thousand assault rifles in Africa.

Purchasing a timepiece that reflects one’s desire to make a positive impact on our environment can be rewarding.  These five environmentally conscious watch designers offer luxury watch enthusiasts the opportunity to make a statement with style. So which will you choose?

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5 Environmentally Conscious Watch Designers