Luxury Jewelry Brands: Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a woman cannot subsist on simple diamonds alone. When you’re ready to treat the woman in your life to the best and most unique luxury jewelry, diamonds are always a solid choice but think beyond the classic solitaire diamond ring, stud earrings, or tennis bracelets, there are jewelry designers crafting stunning pieces that make a statement. Diamonds? Of course, but even beyond the diamond, there are options that will melt her heart.

The Kaleidoscope Ring by Moritz Glik Fine Jewelry




Brazil native Moritz Glik has been creating stunning handcrafted pieces since he moved to New York City in 1991. He’s been featured in every publication from British Vogue to New York Magazine and Oprah; and, his jewelry has adorned a long list of celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Goldie Hawn, Mila Kunis, and the Dixie Chicks.

One of our favorite pieces he created is the Kaleidoscope which features a bevy of diamonds floating in a sapphire orb surrounded by an 18k gold ring. This beautiful ring with the orb (a signature of Glik’s) is a mesmerizing conversation starter. Available at

Tahitian Pearls from Tiffany


Tahitian Pearls
Photo: Tiffany


As classic as diamonds, pearls are a necessity for a comprehensive jewelry collection, though a bit stuffy, but multicolored Tahitian pearls are anything but grandmother’s pearls. These gorgeous pearls are strung on 18k white gold and are held to the high standard of Tiffany.  Splurge a bit and opt for the matching bracelet.  Available at Tiffany.

GURHAN Jewelry’s Byzantine Coin Gold Ring




When you give a gift that is one of a kind, you’re saying the recipient is one of a kind. GURHAN Jewelry is the choice for the unique and our favorite is their one of a kind Byzantine coin gold ring. Slip this perfect combination of old world charm and luxury onto her finger. Available at

This coin is the piece that Gurham, the designer, credits with drawing him into collecting antiques which he has also noted has turned him into a hoarder obsessed with antiques. That obsession led him to create pieces inspired by and incorporating some of these antiques.

Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Necklace


Photo: Van Cleef & Arpels


Delicate and delightful, the Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra long necklace adds some magic to every décolletage. With a length of more than 47 inches, it can easily double up or drape low. The precious stones (four onyx and 12 mother of pearl) on a yellow gold chain is handcrafted. Available at Van Cleef & Arpels.

Impossible Collection of Jewelry: The 100 Most Important Jewels of the Twentieth Century 


Impossible Collection
Photo: Kaufmann Mercantile


For the serious jewelry lover in your life, this book covers the last century of fine jewelry. Assouline’s Impossible Collection of Jewelry: The 100 Most Important Jewels of the Twentieth Century was curated by fine jewelry historian Vivienne Becker. Read up and impress her with your knowledge of this historical collection. Available at Kaufmann Mercantile.

So which of these pieces is your favorite?  Did you find the perfect gift in our list?

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Luxury Jewelry Brands: Gifts for the Woman in Your Life