12 Photos to Inspire Your Patio Design This Summer

As warmer weather beckons us outside, it is time to start sprucing up our outdoor spaces.  Whether you are renovating an existing patio space or starting from scratch, we have several inspiring patio design ideas for you to consider.

The word patio comes from the Latin patere, which translates to “lie open”.  The original patios in Spanish influenced architecture were outdoor spaces that were open to the sky.  During the 15th century, square central patios were surrounded by walls and porticos.  Later, patios evolved into backyard slabs of concrete that could be attached to the home or left as stand alone elements. Let us take a look at a variety of patio designs.

Attached Patios


12 Photos to Inspire Your Patio Design This Summer


This beautiful, traditional attached patio has a sliding glass door that connects the kitchen to the outdoor dining area.  The tiled fountain makes a beautiful accent for the space.



The beautiful wrought iron lighting on this covered, attached patio add elegance as well as light to this traditional patio design.

Detached Patios



This unique patio turns a space into an outdoor gallery.  The patio slab has a more grounded feel thanks to the added wall, which also adds quite a bit of personality to the space.



This freestanding patio also has an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace.  Do not feel constrained if you have to build a patio away from your home.  A detached patio can be just as full as one that is attached to your home.

Patios with Kitchens



This modern patio with clean lines has a very cool, calm vibe to it.  The grill and cooking area is tucked away behind a very attractive faux wood panel wall.  This beautiful design helps maintain the clean, uncluttered appearance of this outdoor space.



This stainless steel outdoor kitchen has a stovetop, refrigerator, and ample storage.  The bar and seating make this patio a great place for guests to relax outside near the kitchen.  As the host, you can stay and mingle with your company instead of being forced to go indoors to prepare food.



This charming patio kitchen has a tropical feel to it.  Thanks to to all of the counter space and lots of cabinet space, you will have more than enough room to keep everything you need for entertaining outside on the patio.

Patios with Pergolas


Picture Perfect Patios
Image by Scott Mayoral for HGTV


This patio, with the luscious green backdrop, outdoor shower, and pergola, is perfect for lounging outside and staying cool when the temperatures soar.  When temperatures drop, the fire pit will provide light and warmth.



The modern torches and fire pit give this patio a contemporary feel.



The pergola over this patio slab make the space feel like a room. This patio now has a cozy, living room like feel to it.

Patios with a View


Picture Perfect Patios
Image via HGTV


The cushioned seating that rings the edge of this patio are perfect for areas that have a fantastic view, as this one does.  The curtains are on rings so they can be moved to provide shade as needed.



If you are fortunate enough to have a home with an incredible view, design a patio that allows you to take in that view.  This mountainside home has a large patio with ample seating for relaxing outside and enjoying the surrounding view.

For more beautiful outdoor spaces,  read about the designer pieces  you need for outdoor living. Then you can start designing your own patio and enjoy it all summer long!

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12 Photos to Inspire Your Patio Design This Summer