6 Beautiful Structures by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was the father of what he dubbed organic architecture. He brought this philosophy to life through structures that were in harmony with humanity and their environment. A Frank Lloyd Wright home is a great real estate find but he also designed offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, museums and other structures. His style is one we all recognize as it has had such a strong influence on American architecture for more than 100 years. We wanted to celebrate several beautiful structures by Frank Lloyd Wright, and have chosen a few of our favorites to share.

Olfelt Home – St. Louis Park, MN


St. Louis Park
Source: Olfelt Home


Wright designed this home in the 1950s for Paul and Helen Olfelt of St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Wright was in the twilight of his career when the young Olfelts approached them looking for one of his iconic prairie houses. While still busy, he agreed to create the Olfelt’s Minnesota dream home. Almost 70 years later, that home – in pristine condition – went up for sale in 2016.

Arthur Heurtley House – Oak Park, IL


Arthur Heurtley House
Source: Arthur Heurtley House


In 1902, Wright designed and built one of his first Prairie houses for the Huertley family in Oak Park, Illinois. Owners sold and altered the home several times until the late 1990s. Owners Ed and Diana Baehren began a restoration which led to the home’s induction to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and designation as a National Historic Landmark.

Historic Park Inn – Mason City, IA


Historic Park Inn
Source: Historic Park Inn


Billed as the last Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in the world and known as the only Lloyd-designed hotel still standing, the Historic Park Inn in Mason City, Iowa, underwent quite a bit of repurposing and modifications over the years.  After one final restoration, the building reflects its original splendor.

Unity Temple – Oak Park, IL


Unity Temple
Source: Unity Temple


Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois which still operates today as Unity Church, is the first significant American architectural statement in poured concrete because of Frank Lloyd Wright’s use of the material. This concrete use was truly original and the design and construction of this church ushered in concrete construction on a grand scale.

The Guggenheim and Fallingwater


Source: Guggenheim Museum


Frank Lloyd Wright’s design has become synonymous with American architecture as evidenced by these examples, but no list is complete without a nod to two of the most recognizable Wright designs: The Guggenheim Museum in New York, and Fallingwater, a Pennsylvania house which allows its residents to live within a waterfall.

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6 Beautiful Structures by Frank Lloyd Wright