Design Inspiration For the Modern Minimalist

Possibly as an attempt to simplify our over scheduled and overly cluttered lives, minimalism has emerged as a popular philosophy both in design and in life.  With respect to design, modern minimalism shows restraint and simplicity of form.  By editing spaces thoughtfully, one can achieve clarity of mind and of design.

Simple, honest materials, and clean open spaces are not cold and sterile when they are with warm colors and beautiful, simple accents.  The characteristics that comprise modern minimalist design are simplicity in form, simple finishes, natural light, simple detailing, and strategic use of materials.  Here are some of our recommendations for design inspiration for the modern minimalist.



Design Inspiration For the Modern Minimalist
Photo Courtesy of GAAGA


The Dutch architect group GAAGA’s website is a treasure trove of modern minimalist design eye candy. One of their projects is the Stripe House, which gets its name from the horizontal stripes in the building’s facade. The house is located in a new urban planning area in the city of Leiden, Netherlands.  The simple, cube like structure is a beautiful piece of design and craftsmanship, as well as an example of art meeting life.  The GAAGA website offers many beautiful views of the Stripe House, as well as photographs of many of the other minimalist designs created by this innovative group.

Minimalisimo Magazine


Design Inspiration For the Modern Minimalist
Photo Courtesy of Minimalisimo Magazine


The first edition of Minimalisimo Magazine has sold out, but the second edition is available now.  The publication celebrates the very best of minimalism in design. Volume one took a look at classic minimalism and then focused on contemporary variations of this trendy design style.  The magazine also focuses on five disciplines:  architecture, art, fashion, graphic & package design, and industrial design.  Minimalisimo brings the best of outstanding minimalism to their readers via photos, reviews, and in depth studies of artists and designers.

Stylizimo Blog


Design Inspiration For the Modern Minimalist
Photo Courtesy of Stylizimo


This online blog is the work of Nina, a Norwegian writer who professes to “live and breath interior design”.  Nina has a keen eye for minimalist design as well as how to style it beautifully.  Almost all the photos on the site have been styled and photographed by her.  She offers readers mood boards, shopping guides, and curated lists for design inspiration.

TDC:  The Design Chaser


Design Inspiration For the Modern Minimalist
Photo Courtesy of TDC


The Design Chaser was started by interior stylist and writer Michelle Halford in 2012.   Michelle shares her own interior styling work, heavily influenced by Scandanavian design, along with updates from the home that she and her husband share with their two children. The home is in multiple publications, including Adore Home Magazine and Homestyle Magazine.  The beautiful photography and exquisite styling shown at TDC will provide oodles of inspiration for modern minimalist aficionados.

Kolman Boye Architects

Design Inspiration For the Modern Minimalist
Photo Courtesy of Kolman Boye Architects
Founded by Erik Kolman Janouch and Victor Boye Julebäk, Kolman Boye Architects has a unique research-based approach to design. The duo deftly combines academic work with construction and material investigation to create projects that reflect both cultural heritage and minimalist architecture.  The Vega Cottage is one of their creations that is highly photographed.  Located on the island of Vega, close to the polar circle, the site offers sweeping views of both the Norwegian Sea as well as jagged mountains.  The Vega House seems to grow from the landscape, and the choice of finishes, from the painted pine to the large windows, make it one with the terrain.  The Kolman Boye website offers many photographs and details about the Vega Cottage, as well as details on many of their other award winning designs.
Simple, honest and clean design.  That is what these 5 design inspirations offer the modern minimalist devotee.  So, tell us, do you love modern minimalist design?  For other design inspirations, please see our list of five iconic minimalist furniture designers.

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Design Inspiration For the Modern Minimalist