Highlights of the 2015 Maison De Luxe Designer Showcase

The 2015 Maison De Luxe, Designer Showcase at Doheny Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, runs November 7th-22nd.  We shared a little background about the one-of-a-kind event in this post, and now we’d like to dazzle you with some of the designers who really caught our eye. While we LOVED every single room, there were a few highlights that stood out.



Timothy Corrigan




Timothy Corrigan transformed the entry hall with a strikingly bold fromental wallcovering. It was the perfect welcome into the house and set a grand tone for the eye candy about to be witnessed.   The Quintessence blog describes the entry hall thusly:  “In the entry and upper landing, designer Timothy Corrigan has honored the legacy of the estate and the city with a dramatic and colorful mix of old and new. ”  You can see many more images from the hall at Quintessence.

Nina Campbell




I had the privilege of meeting the established and amazingly talented Nina Campbell as she took over and transformed Mr. Doheny’s suite. This British designer has a classic and traditional aesthetic and used a serene aqua color palette embellished with hints of pink. She upholstered the walls with her own fabric, Nina Campbell Collection for Osborne and Little. Nina’s attention to detail should not be missed. From outfitting the massage room with a beautiful bar cart to the eloquent trim detail on the bed curtains- it’s simply perfect. After meeting Nina, she looked out of the corner of her eye and saw one of her several candles blew out. She immediately grabbed her matches- stylishly enclosed in a glass box, lit the candle and said, “Ahh- That’s better.” Candle light or not- her room was in perfect balance.

I had the opportunity to speak with Nina Campbell. She was beyond lovely and offered a few kind words:


Me: “What motivated you to do this showcase home all the way from London?”Nina: “The history and the story of the home was so alluring, I couldn’t resist.”
Me: What is your best take away moment from participating in the showcase home?
Nina: “Los Angeles was incredibly nice with sharing resources, Luxe magazine was terrific about working with my schedule and at the end, I made really great friends!”

Beth Webb


beth webb


Not only was Mrs. Doheny’s master suite shining but so was the designer behind all the details. Beth Webb transformed the space with a masterful mix of neutrals. The cowhide inlaid rug set the stage for this eloquent master suite. I’m not sure what I loved more- the silk bed overlay, the Dessin Fournier furniture or Beth Webb herself. Beth’s infectious charm and smile shows throughout the space.

Amy Meier




I cannot help but mention the second story hallway masterfully curated by Amy Meier. Amy brought a certain element of modernism with a mirrored sculpture by Lori Cozen-Geller placed in the center of the grand hallway- unexpected and powerful. A few weeks before the showcase house opening, Amy mentioned at a dinner party that this sculpture was her “Wow” statement- She is RIGHT!

Andrew Brown


andrew brown


The wall and ceiling mural in Andrew Brown’s Le Salon de Repos was breathtaking. I wanted to stay in this room all night long!! Andrew greeted the guests with a charming smile and a lovingly, “hello…welcome.”

All 24 designers should be proud of this amazing collaboration. Each space was well represented and offers a diverse look into luxury design.

There’s not enough time to write about all the amazing details this showcase house offers. You must go see for yourself. Purchase your tickets HERE.



Written by Jessica Brende, Design.Luxury

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Highlights of the 2015 Maison De Luxe Designer Showcase