Trends in Luxury Home Designs

Luxury home buyers want something that’s the exact opposite of a “cookie cutter” home.  High end buyers seek the best when shopping for a home.  While no two luxury homes will be alike, there are always trends that emerge each year.  Presently, several trends have emerged for 2017 luxury home designs.

Single Story Homes


 While no two luxury homes will be alike, there are always trends that emerge each year. Presently, several trends have emerged for 2017 luxury home designs.


Drew and Jonathan Scott, designer brothers and television celebrities, note that increasingly their high end buyers are seeking single-story homes as opposed to multilevel homes.  While still spacious at 5800 to 7000 square feet, these homes keep all of the elegance and opulence on the ground floor.  This, of course, requires more land space, especially when the luxury home includes a detached 6-plus car garage to showcase the homeowner’s automobile collection.  Another quote from the famous brothers on home trends:


When it comes to family rooms, great rooms and living rooms, one feature that’s becoming common is a collapsible window wall, where the barrier separating indoor and outdoor living literally disappears into the wall.


Those outdoor spaces are getting more elaborate as well with outdoor living areas that often compete with indoor spaces for the favorite area of the home.

Over the Top Kitchens


Find out what you need for a truly luxurious outdoor kitchen! These ideas will take your outdoor space to the kitchen of your dreams!


One usually wants to entertain and welcome guests to their dream home, so custom designed kitchens with high end appliances are another top trend in luxury home designs.  Commercial appliance upgrades, extensive counter space with massive kitchen islands, and a smart refrigerator are some of the most sought after design elements.  Luxury homes are even coming standard with two kitchens.  One being inside while the other is an outdoor living area like no other.


Technology is king, even in high end home design.  LED wall pads which adjust both lighting and thermostats, voice activation, top of the line security systems, and infrared exterior cameras are “must have” items. Luxury home owners desire the ability to remotely control their home systems with their smartphones.  One touch systems or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home which allow for easy, quick access to every technological element in the house are now standard in luxury home design.

Closet Space

Another popular trend is the spacious walk in closet.  Sure, most master bedrooms have them, but a real luxury home has a walk in closet for every room in the house.  The master closet stands out from the rest because it has an island.  Built in organization is another feature of walk in closets that home buyers demand.

Metals in Home Decor



Mixed metals are one of the hottest design features trending right now.  Luxury home owners do not have to use just one type of metal throughout their entire home, or even throughout one room.  Brass and chrome or bronze, silver and polished nickel, and other metal combinations display one’s creativity and unique sense of style.  If you are nervous about trying this out, start with different finishes of the same material, like a matte mixed with a metallic or some copper decor items, to test the waters.  We think you’ll love it!

Designated Exercise Space

Finally, a recurring element in luxury home designs is the addition of enclosed spaces for exercise and entertainment.  In areas with inclement weather, an indoor full size basketball court or indoor tennis field allow one to enjoy their hobby even when the weather is not pleasant.

So which trends in luxury home designs are you looking forward to embracing?

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Trends in Luxury Home Designs