Working from Home: 4 Trends for Luxury Remote Offices

Advances in technology make it easier than ever for more people to work from home. When your work space and your home space become one, you many want to consider a custom home office design. Here are four trends for luxury remote offices.

Separate Space

Working from home can blur the lines between personal time and work time if one is not careful.  Maintaining a separate space for work, apart from the home structure, is way to physically distance oneself from work, even when the office is just in the back yard.  The brisk walk to and from a home office on a different part of one’s property will help keep business and pleasure separate.  Several innovative solutions have emerged to help remote workers develop luxury remote office spaces at their homes.


Luxury Home office design kitHAUS
Photo courtesy of kitHAUS


kitHaus designs and delivers modern style prefabricated modules.  These units will transform any open space into an instant office. Each unit is custom configured to meet your specific space and office needs.  The modules are made at the factory, wrapped carefully, then transported and installed on site.  The sleek design and custom aspect of this unit makes them very desirable.


Luxury Home Office Archipod
Photo courtesy of Archipod


The Archipod is another option for a detached luxury home office to work remotely in.  This unique and contemporary styled pod has been designed to meet high standards and a luxury budget.  The quality of the fixtures and fittings are high end.  The ergonomic interior has been carefully designed to put the user at the center of the curved desk.  The Archipod is an interesting and quality alternative for those looking at prefabricated remote home office options.

Go Green

If space is a limiting factory, go up!  Tree house style and elevated home offices have been trending.  From enjoying natural light and lots of greenery to gaining a better view of the surroundings, there are lots of reasons to go green and go up into the trees.


Remote Home Office Baumraum
Photo courtesy of Baumraum


Baumraum is a German maker that specializes in custom tree homes. They have designed a variety of tree home offices for clients all over the world.  The design above is somewhat egg shaped and was inspired by the idea of creating a nest to work in. The materials used give this structure a light and elegant feel.  It would be delightful to have this work space to look forward to each day!

Custom Design

For those who spend serious amounts of time working remotely from home, it is a worthwhile investment to bring in an architect and create a custom home office.  Simply adding desks and shelves to an existing room of the house is not enough for many, especially entrepreneurs.  A custom space is needed to meet their highly individualized work demands.


Offices for Entrepreneurs
Photo courtesy of My Modern Met


Wade Davis’ custom designed home office is an example of a bespoke home office.  Davis is an Explorer-in-Residence for National Geographic and much of his work involves research and writing.  He brought in architect and designer Travis Price to build his home office at his Washington DC home.  The design, with a unique circular library overhead and no distracting windows, has a cave-like feel to it.

Designed for Movement

Working at a home office means you have more options for movement as you work.  Many find that they can concentrate better if they can build movement into their work time.  This has led to some innovative trends in remote home offices.


Home Office Trends Uplift Desk
Photo courtesy of Uplift Desk


Standing desks have emerged as a hot trend in home office design.  Most of the desks give the user the option to raise or lower the desk so that they can sit or stand as needed.  Uplift Desk is one company that offers custom standing desk products. Made with reclaimed solid wood and steel frames, you can design the desk to meet your work needs.


Home Office Design Life Span
Photo courtesy of Life Span


For those who really need to move, an exercise desk is a unique way to keep moving while working.  Life Span offers several different models that mesh an exercise bike with the desk.  Talk about multitasking!

From location to design to desk style, there are a variety of options available when it comes to luxury remote office design trends.  For more home office inspiration, see our article about how to design your home office to maximize productivity.

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Working from Home: 4 Trends for Luxury Remote Offices