10 Operas You Must See in Your Lifetime

There are dozens of Operas played across the world on any given day. However, there are some Operas that are worth seeing more than others. This is our list of Operas you must see in your lifetime.

Our Top Ten

  1. Don Giovonni – A fiction between a libertine and seducer.
  2. The Magic Flute– Half fairy tale and half comedy.
  3. Le nozze di Figaro– A comedy that highlights the genius of Mozart.
  4. Carmen– All about a hero, soldier, and a gypsy seductress.
  5. Tosca– Also known as one of the most lethal Operas to date.
  6. La traviata– Based on the 1852 play by Alexandre Dumas fils.
  7. La boheme – About the love and loss of Giacomo Pucccini!
  8. Rigoletto– Verdi reached a new level in his career with this Opera.
  9. L’Orfeo– 3 makes a party with Orpheus, Euridice, and Charon.
  10. Serse– Let’s just stay that Handel is the star of the show in this one.


What makes these Operas so special?  Depending on who you ask, everyone has their preferences on what is considered “the best Opera.” However, most people look at the success of the Opera in the past and present. A good place to start is to see what are some of the most requested Opera pieces over time.


There is so much rich history behind Opera shows as most were written long ago. History plays out right in front of your eyes. Many people have stated that they have been moved by the beauty of the Opera. You need to experience an Opera to fully understand the magic.

These may be the top Operas you must see in your lifetime, but visiting any Opera is an eye opener! It is pure beauty that you cannot experience anywhere else.  Visit a top Opera house and experience one of these Operas for yourself.  Have you seen any of these Operas?  Which is your favorite?

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10 Operas You Must See in Your Lifetime