What to Expect When You Charter Your Own Private Yacht

As one would expect, the private yacht you charter will be luxurious and full of amenities, but the best part of a private yacht charter is the service, service, service! You’ll have a staff with yachting experience whose goal is to make their charter guests happy and catering to your every whim (within reason, of course!).

The Basics


What to Expect When You Charter Your Own Private Yacht
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What’s on the ship? Everything except you and your personal items. They’ll have everything from beautiful linens and towels to a fully stocked kitchen and bar with your favorite foods and drinks that they’ll, of course, prepare to your liking. In the booking process, you’ll be asked to provide information about your group. You’ll be asked to provide important information such as food allergies or any other relevant issues, as well as more information about any special events that you’d like to note or celebrate during your trip, food preferences, drink preferences, schedule preferences, activities, etc. In providing this information, your yacht crew will be able to provide a custom luxury cruise to your exact preferences.  As noted in this New York Times article,


Just as important as where you’re going is the crew that is taking you there. Some are great with children and get right in there with the water toys. Others are better for couples who want to do a lot of cruising and sightseeing. Then there are the formal crews that can prepare restaurant-quality meals on the high seas.


Where to Go


What to Expect When You Charter Your Own Private Yacht
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There are locations around the world that are beautifully suited for a private yacht charter. The Caribbean is always a popular destination as is Europe. Spain, Ibiza, and the Balearic Islands top the list of destinations for a yacht trip in Europe as well as Italy and Greece.  Looking for a new destination?  Croatia is a luxury vacation hot spot. Be sure to read about what Croatia and several other locales have to offer as a charter destination in our post, Charter Destinations For a Luxury Seafaring Adventure. If the Caribbean or Europe aren’t your thing, head down under and sail around Australia and New Zealand. Or, if you’d prefer to stick closer to home, there are options for a US itinerary as well, both New England and Alaska are beautiful areas to explore in a yacht. Wherever you decide to charter your yacht, your charter company and your captain and crew will be happy to create a custom itinerary to provide you with the perfect vacation.

The Bottom Line


What to Expect When You Charter Your Own Private Yacht
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The bottom line regarding what to expect when you charter your own private cruise is that you will be aboard a luxury yacht of your choosing with a crew that will take the best care of you, from helping you unpack, to making sure your glass never runs empty. You’ll have gourmet meals prepared by a private chef, a custom itinerary crafted in conjunction with your ship’s captain, and a slew of activities directed by a team whose only goal is for you to have a wonderful vacation.

Are you ready to set sail? We recommend doing a little research to decide upon a destination and then contact a company such as the International Yacht Charter Group. Another tip is to be sure to tip your crew!  Trust us, they will deserve it!

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What to Expect When You Charter Your Own Private Yacht