Father’s Day Gifts for the Discerning Gentleman

Macaroni art and clay ashtrays were once endearing, but your father deserves a gift that is more in keeping with his taste. No need to stew over finding the perfect gift for him, we’ve come up with some options that are perfect for your father that will delight him on Father’s Day.  Here are our picks for the perfect Father’s Day gifts.

Gentlemen’s Tonic


Father's Day Gifts for the Discerning Gentleman Gentlemen’s Tonic
Photo courtesy of Gentlemen’s Tonic


If you’re unable to jet dear old Dad off to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, or New Delhi for a treatment at Gentlemen’s Tonic, you can bring the comfort of Gentlemen’s Tonic to him. From their advanced skincare line to their shaving products to their shower products and more, Gentlemen’s Tonic will help your Father feel like the dapper gentleman that he really is. Or, for a spendier gift, jet him to one of their locations for a full-service experience. If that’s not an option, the Ultimate Gift Set will suffice.

Shakespearean Insult Poster



Father's Day Gifts for the Discerning Gentleman Shakespearean Insult Poster
Photo courtesy of Curious Charts


Even a Father with the most discerning taste can fall prey to being a deliverer of Dad jokes. Help him up to his game with the Shakespearean Insult Poster. He’ll sound smarter and his new insults will help him in social settings as he’ll become known as a witty gentleman with a great grasp on the Shakespearean vernacular. This is a fairly meager expenditure for a gift so spring for a beautiful frame that will ensure he’s happy enough with it to hang it in his study (all discerning gentlemen have a study, right?).

J. Herbin Ink


Father's Day Gifts J. Herbin Ink
Photo courtesy of J. Herbin


If this one fits the bill and your Dad has an appreciation for the use of a fountain pen, you’ll have a recurring gift that will be perfect regardless of the occasion. Our favorite is J. Herbin Ink but they also have greys, blues, and blacks that are more interesting than most inks. Buy him a complete set and he’ll draft notes that you’ll wish to save as keepsakes of your special Dad.

Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini


Father's Day Gifts for the Discerning Gentleman Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini
Photo courtesy of Harman Kardon


If part of the appeal of your Father is his worldly nature, it could be because he spends time traveling. Whether that travel is for business or for pleasure, he’ll appreciate being able to listen to his favorite music, podcasts, or other content with a quality bluetooth speaker. The Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini is a class of bluetooth speaker that not only looks great and is easy to carry but it also produces high-quality sound which will make whatever content Dad streams even more enjoyable.

Hotel Del Coronado


Father's Day Gifts for the Discerning Gentleman Hotel Del Coronado
Photo courtesy of Hotel Del Coronado


For the Father who has everything or is one of those people who buy what they want when they want it, finding a gift can be a challenge. The answer to this gift question is to give him an experience. The Hotel Del Coronado is just that, an experience. This classic hotel on San Diego’s Coronado Island is known as one of the most charming hotels in the United States and is located on the island where you’ll find the US Navy Seals training as well as an entire host of activities for Dad.


An iconic destination on the edge of the Pacific, just minutes from downtown San Diego. Its Coronado Island setting captures the relaxed beauty and seaside charms of the quintessential Southern California lifestyle. Fulfilling dreams of California surf, sand and sun for over a century, the iconic Hotel del Coronado is an adventurous world all its own, where beach-lovers from near and far write their stories on sands that sparkle like gold.


Our list demonstrates that finding the perfect gift for a discerning gentleman isn’t about how much you spend, it’s about what is a great fit for your Father. Which of our Father’s Day gifts is the most perfect for your Dad? For even more great ideas, try these personalized luxury gifts.

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Father's Day Gifts for the Discerning Gentleman