Four Companies That Are Helping Our Oceans

You do what you can to help preserve and conserve our oceans, and you want to support businesses that have the same focus that you do.  Which brands can you do business with that share your environmentally conscious views? Here are four companies that are helping our oceans.

Whole Foods Market


Four Companies That Are Helping Our Oceans
Image Via Whole Foods Market


Whole Foods Market is a grocery chain that promotes conservation and the importance of sustainable seafood. Greenpeace has a Sustainable Seafood Consumer Hub which lists the most eco friendly businesses for consumers to consider.  Greenpeace lists Whole Foods Market in first place on their list.


Whole Foods ranks as the top grocery store for seafood sustainability. The retailer offers the most ocean-friendly canned tuna products of any major U.S. store and supports sustainable fishing practices. Unfortunately, it still carries a high number of Red List species.


Whole Foods Market makes ocean conservation a high priority in its corporate social responsibility efforts.  In 2016, for example, Whole Foods Market partnered with the Nature Conservancy and the Billion Oyster Project to restore oyster fisheries to the New York Harbor.  Healthy oyster reefs are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem.  A one acre oyster reed can filter approximately 24 million gallons of water in just one day.  The oyster restoration project not only provided locally sourced seafood for markets, it helped revitalize the harbor as well.  Similar revitalization and restoration plans are in place for other United States locations, including Washington State, Louisiana and Texas.



Four Companies That Are Helping Our Oceans
Image via Method


As a small soap company, we know we can’t clean up the world’s oceans. but we can raise awareness about the issue and use our business to demonstrate smart ways of using and reusing the plastics that are already on the planet. we think the best way to do that is by proving that solutions exist, even at a small scale.


Method turns trash into packaging.  Utilizing assistance from local beach clean up crews and volunteer groups, Method has collected more than a ton of plastic from the beaches of Hawaii.  They teamed up with Envision plastics who were creative and innovative enough to take on the challenge of turning washed up plastic on the beach into bottles.  The goal of the program is to illustrate that creativity and ingenuity can solve environmental problems.  By recycling and reusing existing plastic, we can cut down on waste and keep our oceans clean.

Bank of America


Four Companies That Are Helping Our Oceans
Image via Ocean Conservancy


One thing I love about the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is the way it brings people together and inspires environmental stewardship well past any single-day effort of collecting trash. Ultimately, the ICC is about people and community. And a great example of this is the partnership we’ve formed with Bank of America (BofA) over the past 17 years.


The Ocean Conservancy boasts of what an excellent partner Bank of America has been for nearly two decades.  The International Ocean Clean Up is an annual event sponsored by the group, and every year Bank of America provides resources and support to make the global event a success.

Samudra Skin and Sea


Samudra Skin & Sea was founded with an intent to make conservation a focus.  The company makes an organic skin care line that is made with sustainable wild harvested seaweed.  Its supply chain is a California based seaweed expert who uses sustainable practices to harvest the product used for producing the beauty products.  In addition to their emphasis on sustainable materials supply, Samudra Skin and Sea partners with the Marine Mammal Center to promote research and care for marine mammals.

So, do you know of any other companies that go above and beyond to protect our oceans? To learn more about environmentally conscious efforts, please read this article about environmentally conscious spas you must visit.

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Four Companies That Are Helping Our Oceans