How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party

The Grammys are the music industry’s biggest event of the year. Not only can you see all of your favorite artists earn recognition for the past year’s musical achievements, but you also get to see some of the biggest acts in modern music perform! If you’re planning a glamorous Grammys party to celebrate this year’s ceremony, be sure to check out our awards-worthy tips!

Create a Playlist


Create a Playlist How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party


No Grammys party would be complete without a stellar playlist. Click here to see this year’s nominees and create a playlist of the nominated artists and songs. Pump up the volume to get guests ready to see the artists in action during the show! You can compile all the nominees into one playlist or separate them out by category, whether that be country, rock, hip hop, or simply the top songs of the evening.

Decorate Red Carpet Style


Decorate Red Carpet Style How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party


The Grammys are definitely a glamorous affair, so create the same ambiance at home for your Grammys party. The traditional colors of the Grammys are black and gold which are easily found at any party supply store. You can also look to the nominated albums and songs for inspiration for your decor. If possible, include a red carpet or lay red fabric at the door to give the awards show feel to guests as they arrive. Regardless of how you choose to decorate be sure to make it opulent to fit with the extravagance of the evening!

Get All Dolled Up


Get All Dolled Up How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party


The red carpet fashion is almost as big of a draw to the Grammys as is the music. Don’t skimp when it comes to getting dressed up for your glamorous Grammys party. Have guest go all out on their attire and sport red carpet-worthy looks. Give a bonus prize for guests who come dressed as a nominee! Be sure to also set up a photo booth with props such as microphones and cardboard Grammys awards so guests can have a souvenir of their awards-show look!

Prepare Goodie Bags


Prepare Goodie Bags How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party


It’s a well-known fact that awards show attendees receive lavish gift bags. While you don’t have to break the bank doing so, a little goodie bag is an extra special touch to your Grammys party. Whether you include music themed treats or perhaps a compilation CD of the night’s biggest act, your guests will appreciate the extra special touch.

Fun and Games


Fun and Games How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party


Not many parties are more worthy of breaking out the karaoke machine than a Grammys party! It is the perfect opportunity to allow guests to do their best imitations of the night’s contenders. It also adds a little friendly competition to the party ahead of the awards show. Other games can be perfect for the evening as well. For instance, create a ballot and have guests choose their picks for each category. Have prizes on hand for the person that guesses the most correctly at the end of the night. You can also offer prizes for the best dresses and best karaoke performance as well!



Food to Serve How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party


No party is complete without food! Make your glamorous Grammys party food convenient to eat and by all means, avoid messy foods that could stain the fancy attire! Finger food appetizers such as Caprese skewers and charcuterie are perfect for an awards show party. Bite-sized sweets are also fitting. Last year’s official Grammys after-party served peanut butter cake pops to all the stars!



Drinks to Serve How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party


Finally, take a cue from the nominees to think up some “punny” signature cocktails for your party. Think a “Shallowtini” martini cocktail in honor of Lady Gaga and Bradley Coopers Record of the Year nomination. Try our cosmopolitan cocktail recipes to really amp up the night!

All of these tips will help you to throw an epic and glamorous Grammys party this year. For even more awards show action, check out 3 Lessons from the 2018 Golden Globes or our Favorite Looks from the Oscars 2017.

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How to Host a Glamorous Grammys Party