.Luxury Gift Guide: The Home Chef

This continuation of our series of gift guides will help you pick the perfect present for the friend or family member who is master of his or her kitchen.

Meet the Home Chef

A true gourmand seeks only to live a flavorful life. He or she pulls flavors from around the globe—smoky salts from the shores of Cyprus, herbs de Provence from Southern France—and instinctively wields them over dry aged steaks, garden vegetables and grains. The consistent blade of a Japanese mandolin and a passed-down pancake recipe are closely guarded insider knowledge.

The home chef collects palatable details and savors them with each pinch, sharpen, and plating. He or she understands the strength of our heart-stomach connection. This refined palate prefers the finest ingredients, and five-star tools to stack beside those cookbooks teeming with notes of additions and omissions.

The Impossible Collection of Wine


The Impossible Collection of Wine

This collection is so full-bodied it arrives in its own wooden crate. This book is sure to turn any home chef into a dedicated oenophile (and please those who already are). The Impossible Collection of Wine explores a printed tasting room dedicated to the most remarkable vintages of the 20th century.

Nesmuk Chef’s Knife


Nesmuk Chef's Knife

Every home chef needs a top-of-the-line knife set. German craftsmanship and elegant design come together in these unconventional blades from Nesmuk. Forged from 400 layers of Damascus carbon steel and finished with a silver collar and wooden handle, each knife is one of a kind.

Atlas 150 Copper Pasta Maker


Atlas 150 Copper Pasta Maker

For the chef who insists on doing everything from scratch, consider an Italian-designed pasta maker. Consistently ranked as one of the best on the market, the Atlas 150 Pasta Maker crafts perfect spaghetti, linguini, lasagne, and more. Its sleek copper finish and timeless design make it an attractive appliance for the highest grade kitchen.

An Italian Truffle Hunt


Dish prepared at Il Salviatino in Florence

Florence’s Il Salviatino villa doesn’t make guests catch their own dinner, but if they’re up for it, truffle hunting after breakfast is on the menu. Under an expert truffle hunter’s guidance, participants will follow the guide and companion dog into the brush, learning about the process and tradition. Found fungi is brought back and prepared for dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Domenica Fiore Olive Oil

Domenica Flore Olive Oil

In the small village of Orvieto in Umbria, Italy, olives are plucked from branches and milled in under six hours. The resulting oil is sealed in stainless steel bottles. Earthy, but never overpowering, Domenica Fiore’s organic, blended varietals have a soft intensity and peppery finish, delicious with fluffy artisan bread.

Rosti Mepal Mixing Bowls


Rosti Mepal Mixing Bowl

Proof that some things are better left untouched, Danish designer Jacob Jensen’s timeless Rosti Mepal mixing bowls are still a staple kitchen piece today. The set dates back to 1955, and the company continues to produce this popular original design today.

Culinary Subscriptions


Batch Culinary Box Subscription

Since not all your loved ones are close to home, consider sending a gift that will continue to delight the home chef all year long. A subscription to Nourished or Lucky Peach will inspire with recipes, interviews, travel stories and the very latest culinary news. Or, for something edible, consider a Batch culinary box subscription. Every three months, your lucky recipient will receive a curated selection of local, handmade treats from Nashville, Memphis, Austin and Charleston, delivered right to their door.

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Photos: Assouline, Nesmuk, Crate and Barrel, Il Salviatino, Domenica Fiore, Jacob Jensen Design, Batch

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