Team Triumphant: The Best Luxury Items From France

The French are well known for finding beauty in everything and the great appreciation for the finer things in life. When one thinks of fine food, fine wine, or couture fashion, you immediately think of France. It’s no wonder it’s the second largest luxury shopping destination in the world. With all eyes on the French with their first FIFA World Cup victory in twenty years, it’s time to celebrate with luxury only the French can bring. Here are our favorite luxury items from France.

Christian Louboutin


Team Triumphant: The Best Luxury Items From France Christian Louboutin
Photo Courtesy of Christian Louboutin


With their trademark red soles, Christian Louboutin shoes are a fashion icon across the globe.


Since every Christian Louboutin design deserves your full attention, each pair of shoes has its own alcove. After all, these are no ordinary shoes: Louboutin’s creations are like jewellery for the feet.


If you can’t make it to Rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau in Paris to find your perfect pair you can find boutiques in most major American cities.



Team Triumphant: The Best Luxury Items From France Chaumet
Photo Courtesy of Chaumet


Appointed jeweler to Emperor Napoleon himself, Chaumet founder Marie-Etienne Nitot designed his crown along with the tiaras worn by the Emperesses Josephine and Marie-Louise.


For more than 230 years Chaumet’s excellence in High Jewellery has been bequeathed from one master jeweller to another. Diamonds and precious stones are carefully selected for their exceptional purity and sparkle. Then, the jewellers, stone setters, polishers and engravers give life to the jewel.


Today you can still buy fine jewelry made by the house of Chaumet when visiting Paris. Many historical pieces designed by Chaumet over the years are also on display at the Mitsubischi Ichigokan Museum in Tokyo as well.

Domaine Leroy Musigny


Team Triumphant: The Best Luxury Items From France Domaine Leroy Musigny
Photo Courtesy Domaine Leroy


The Domaine Leroy was founded in 1868 by Frances Leroy and expanded by future generations. It’s well-known as one of the best burgandy producers in the world. The Domaine practices biodynamic farming and both ferments and ages the wine in underground caves.


Leroy, absolute perfection. More than a model, the wines are an absolute reference. No other winery in the world holds itself to a higher standard in terms of exactitude in its viticulture. This unique winemaker lives for her vines and nothing else. Every new vintage is, for her, an event to live up to each year: produce, from the lowest possible yields, wines that are the absolute voice of their terroir. -La Revue du vin de France


The Musigny is one of the best red wines of the already impeccable collection of the Domaine Leroy and an opportunity to experience this treasure should not be missed.



Team Triumphant: The Best Luxury Items From France Chanel
Photo Courtesy of Chanel


When one thinks of classic French fashion it’s hard not to think of Chanel. Founded in 1909 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, it was first a millinery shop that later expanded to womenswear. Chanel is thought of as revolutionizing and modernizing women’s fashion in the early twentieth century.


A woman can be overdressed but never over elegant.” Coco Chanel


Perhaps most well known for it’s Chanel #5 perfume and the classic Chanel suit made famous on the haute couture runways, this fashion house now produces ready to wear collections as well as makeup, skincare, and jewelry.

La Mer


Team Triumphant: The Best Luxury Items From France La Mer
Photo Courtesy of La Mer


La Mer skincare is synonymous with celebrity skincare thanks to its many devotees among the rich and famous.


The mere mention of Crème de La Mer inspires intrigue, adoration and cultlike devotion. It all began when Dr. Max Huber, a physicist, embarked on a healing quest after a lab accident. Twelve years and 6,000 experiments later, Miracle Broth — the legendary elixir — was born. Since joining The Estée Lauder Companies in 1995, La Mer has become the most coveted skin care brand in the world.


This luxurious beauty line is worth the splurge and can luckily be found across the world in select boutiques.

With the world celebrating France’s FIFA World Cup victory, why not indulge in one of these luxury items from France? You might also like to explore 12 of Our Favorite French Designer Brands.

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Team Triumphant: The Best Luxury Items From France