How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time for friends and family far and near to gather together.  It is a wonderful tradition to end the year together and spend time in each other’s company.  If you are one of the gracious people who is hosting this holiday season, we have a few pointers for how to be the ultimate host.



How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season
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Never worry about your guests leaving your event late at night with this self-service solution from the driving company Uber.  Provide a few details about your event on their site, and they will take care of the rest.  As the host, you can manage when, where, and for how much your guests can ride, and you are only responsible for the portion that is on the codes redeemed.  You can create a custom code for all your guests, or create unique codes for individual guests.  You can be confident that your guests will be able to enjoy themselves until the wee hours of the morning and still make it home safely.

Decorate Your Home


How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season


Set the stage for a winter wonderland, a snowy retreat, or Santa’s workshop with your home decorating. Choose a theme for your decorating and then let that guide you as you select items to decorate your home for your get together.  Candles are a classic way to decorate, and you can embellish them or set them on pillars to create varying effects.  Replace your usual throw pillows with holiday themed ones.  You may even want to consider switching out some of your wall art temporarily to create a festive atmosphere.



How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season
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Set the tone for your event with a fabulous tablescape.  Choose colors or a theme for your event, and then start planning. Is yours an intimate event or a lavish party?  Do you prefer sleek metallics or a softer shabby chic vibe?  We are in love with this table from OnceWed, however, we share even more suggestions for nine festive tablescapes in this post.

Stock Your Home Bar


How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season


Cocktails make for great holiday get togethers.  According to an analysis by Gizmodo, a well stocked home bar should contain these spirits: Vodka, Gin,Bourbon, Bitters, and Sweet Vermouth. Make sure your home bar is well stocked before your event. If you are unsure of which barware items are “must haves”, we have compiled a comprehensive shopping list with your top picks for the essentials you need for cocktail hour.

Indulge Your Palates


How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season


Set the stage for the main course with the most luxurious appetizers available.  Caviar is a time honored choice, sure to delight your guests. Try serving your caviar on bite sized blini (Russian yeast pancakes) with a tiny dollop of creme fraiche.  Your guests will love it! An assortment of the finest cheese is another great way to indulge your guests before the meal begins.

A Different Kind of Home Bar


How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season
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Earlier we mentioned having a well stocked home bar.  When the meal is over, treat your company to a different kind of bar.  Dessert bars are not just for wedding receptions.  Guests of all ages love to indulge their sweet tooth, and a selection of fine desserts and pastries is a luxurious way to end the meal.  A hot chocolate bar is a fun addition to the dessert table, especially when it is cold outside.  Opt for dark chocolates, fine peppermint, real vanilla extract, and other tasty add ins.

Of course, the most important thing to being the ultimate host this holiday season is to simply be yourself.  Your guests are coming because they enjoy you and your company, and look forward to spending the holidays in your presence.  The fact that you know how to throw a luxurious, unforgettable event in style is simply an added bonus for them.

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