Understanding the Minimalism Trend–Why It’s So Popular

Minimalism as a style has been around for decades but has become a current trend, in part, because of the millennial generation. The generation that is frequently blamed for killing popular things with their disinterest has embraced this clean style. It makes perfect sense really, this is the generation that doesn’t buy disposable media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) or books (there are some exceptions, of course). So the advent of digital media plays perfectly into a minimalist design sensibility. They are also a nomadic generation traveling more than many previous generations at such young ages, which, again, plays well into keeping things simple. There are some key benefits to the minimalism trend that will help you understand its popularity.

Less Stuff Means Spending Less Money


Understanding the Minimalism Trend–Why It’s So Popular


A simple concept, yes, but think about the amount of our disposable income some of us spend on things for our homes. That cute little pot or tray, an extra frame for a photo, that doggie figurine that looks just like our dog, another candle, or even another lamp. There’s always something so irresistible that we just have to bring it home. Embracing minimalism puts a stop to the knick-knack addiction. Millennials admittedly don’t understand older generations love of knick-knacks. Bad news for the knick-knack makers!

Lack of Clutter Leads to Greater Focus


Understanding the Minimalism Trend–Why It’s So Popular


Some look at minimalist design and think it looks cold and uninviting, yet others note that having a lack of clutter enables them to achieve greater focus and can also lead to a sense of serenity. How often do you sit with a book and find yourself distracted by something in your house? Imagine sitting in a room with very few items, you sit down to read (electronically, of course), and you’re able to really enjoy the material and keep your mind in it. Serenity achieved!

Stuff is Just Stuff


Understanding the Minimalism Trend–Why It’s So Popular


There was a time in this country when the accumulation of possessions was equated to success, in some circles it still does, but many people – especially the younger generations – are realizing that possessions are simply stuff, and that stuff is just stuff. Having too much stuff doesn’t equate to success for them, rather, having amazing life experiences does. Taking a trip around the world by the time you’re 30 means more to them than having a house full of treasures.

Quality Over Quantity


Understanding the Minimalism Trend–Why It’s So Popular


It’s similar in concept to buying the worst house in the best location. But one great piece rather than a bunch of lesser pieces. The minimalist will purchase one beautiful chair that they’ll have for many years. It may cost more than an entire room full of cheaper furniture, but they’ll end up replacing the cheaper furniture within a few years and spending more. The best part of this concept is that as these pieces are purchased over time, the minimalist finds themselves in a home full of quality pieces.

The Environment, Social Awareness, and Tiny Living


Understanding the Minimalism Trend–Why It’s So Popular


There are several more factors that have driven millennials to embrace minimalism in addition to those we’ve already covered. Their aversion to carrying personal debt (beyond student loans), their desire to use fewer of the earth’s natural resources, and their commitment to being socially aware on a global scale all play into their desire to live a minimalist life. In addition, with the surge in popularity of tiny houses and tiny living, they’re able to achieve all of these goals and embrace a life of minimalism.

While minimalism has been around for awhile, it’s clear its recent popularity will ensure its longevity, especially among the millennial generation. Do you appreciate minimalism? Or are you more inclined to have a home filled with treasures from life? You will definitely want to see our thoughts on designing a luxury minimalist lifestyle as well.

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