How to Throw the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Wedding

Love is in the air! The Valentine’s Day tradition began centuries ago, yet we continue celebrating the day of love each and every year. We’re all familiar with the boxes of chocolates and red roses, but what about starting a new tradition – with a Valentine’s Day wedding? From pink bridal gowns to romantic lighting and heart-shaped deserts, there are endless ways to incorporate the spirit of Valentine’s Day into your own wedding. Here are some of our best tips for throwing the ultimate wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Choose Your Colors


valentine's day wedding colors
Photo Courtesy of Ali & Garrett Photography


While it may seem easy to choose colors for a Valentine’s Day wedding, it’s also easy to go a little overboard. Whether you choose to go the traditional route of reds and pinks, or even purples, we recommend keeping your color scheme around 2-3 colors. Once you’ve chosen your favorites, add in a little pop of sparkle with gold or silver accents throughout. Coordinate your colors with details such as centerpieces, flowers, gift bags – even the food! You can also incorporate them into your bridal bouquet like the photo above by Yonder House Floral.

Dress to Impress


Dress for a wedding on valentine's day
Photo Courtesy of Tim Ryan Smith Photography


A wedding on Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to try new things and put aside tradition if you’re willing! With so many fun colors associated with the holiday, why not incorporate them into your wedding attire as well? Blush pink wedding dresses are an easy and elegant way to get creative on your big day, as seen in the gown above from Leanne Marshall. Whether it’s a long flowing gown or a simple lace bodice, there’s a variety of ways to add a pop of pink to your wedding dress. If you don’t want to fully commit to a colored dress, try adding a colored accent instead such as a pink bow or pink lace overlay.

Coordinate Your Sweets


valentine's day wedding cake
Photo Courtesy of Dasha Caffrey Photography


One of the staples of a great wedding is a great wedding cake. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to take this a step further by adding in some extra sweets. From heart-shaped cakes and macarons to colored cupcakes and cake pops, your dessert tray will be both visually appealing and delicious! We recommend throwing in some traditional shades of red and pink to keep with your Valentine’s Day wedding theme as well. Don’t be afraid to add some extra hearts and sparkle to your treats too, like this cake from The Sugared Saffron.

Use Natural Light


valentine's day wedding candles
Photo Courtesy of J. Messer Photography


Since Valentine’s Day is already such a romantic day, your wedding should be the same! Natural lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a more warm, romantic feeling – no matter how large your venue. One of our favorite ways to add more natural lighting is using candles. From adding them to centerpieces or even lining the aisles, add a candle to any place you need extra lighting. String lights are a great alternative if your venue is larger and you don’t want to worry about so many candles. The dim light is also the most flattering so your photographer will thank you later! Be sure to check with your wedding venue ahead of time to ensure candles are allowed, especially if you plan on using several throughout.

From choosing the perfect colors to a tasty dessert tray, there are so many fun ideas when throwing a Valentine’s Day wedding. Are you planning your wedding on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you are not sure what to give the bride and groom on their special day? Flip through our list of best Valentine’s Day gifts to gather some inspiration! 

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How to Throw the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Wedding