Your Exclusive Look Inside the Top Personal Concierge Services

In the world of ultra-luxury lifestyles, personal concierge services are becoming increasingly more popular. These agencies provide bespoke services for ultra high worth clients and corporations. Today we take an exclusive look inside four of the industry’s most discerning luxury concierge agencies.

Quintessentially Group


Quintessentially Group Your Exclusive Look Inside the Top Personal Concierge Services


The membership-based Quintessentially Group prides itself on giving its members the gift of time. Its lifestyle managers are highly trained to enhance member’s everyday lives as well as custom tailor dream experiences.


Our desire is to turn our members’ dreams into reality. As the go-to service for the most discerning audience, we offer unparalleled access into the world of luxury. Our specialist lifestyle managers will cater to every wish, such as securing a priority reservation at a three Michelin-starred restaurant in Milan, entry into the hottest new club in New York, top rates at a five-star hotel in Hong Kong, or an idyllic cruise around the Mediterranean. And that’s just the beginning…


The New York Times says “Quintessentially transformed the idea of concierge services into lifestyle management.” From personal shopping, choosing the perfect wine, or event planning, this is one of the personal concierge servers that covers it all.

Knightsbridge Circle


Knightsbridge Circle Luxury Concierge Your Exclusive Look Inside the Top Personal Concierge Services


London-based Knightsbridge Circle declares itself the most exclusive members’ lifestyle club in all of Europe.


Our team have many years of experience in the travel, concierge and financial industries. Our Clients lead busy lives and move in privileged circles. Knightsbridge Circle is there to pro-actively anticipate client’s needs, negotiate exclusive savings and deliver the highest level of personal service. Membership is capped to guarantee quality service. Using our long established network of industry contacts, Knightsbridge Circle source the best events, restaurants, hotels and tickets in the world and use our leverage to ensure our clients take priority.


The services from this luxury concierge are wide and varied. Common requests are arranging travel, coordinate reservations, and providing chauffers, however, the sky is the limit!

John Paul Group


John Paul Group Personal Concierge Services


The John Paul Group is a worldwide enterprise that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology. It has ten global offices and a history dating back to 1987.


We are dedicated to one profession: service. Passion embodies our profession as it places the client at the center of our attention. Delivering excellence is not simply a marketing promise, it is has been our vocation and obsession since the inception of our company. We are constantly reinventing the service of tomorrow and investing in new technologies to continually improve customer experience. We are on the lookout for new usages of technology so we can always be one step ahead, anticipate client needs and achieve bold goals.


It’s easy to see how their proprietary technology and extensive black book network makes John Paul Group a top choice for personal concierge services.

Pure Entertainment Group


Pure Entertainment Group Your Exclusive Look Inside the Top Personal Concierge Services


Based in Montreal Canada, Pure Entertainment Group has been providing luxury concierge services since 2007.


Compared to others, the company has an unrivalled reputation when it comes to performing for its clients. Indeed, the attentive consultants at Pure Entertainment Group can swiftly and professionally handle all requests, inquiries – ranging from basic services such as hotel bookings, airline and restaurant reservations, to more complex services such as organizing a family/business trip, crafting once-in-a-lifetime event, chartering an exclusive yacht, locating special items or sold out tickets – to suit your specific requirements, needs and/or budget. Pure Entertainment Group constantly strives to surpass its client’s expectations; it is the company’s willingness and ability to make its client’s dreams come true that sets the company a cut above the competition. Plus being discreet and respecting privacy is a core value of our company; we never kiss and tell.


Pure Entertainment Group is available for ongoing memberships as well as one-off tasks.

These personal concierge services provide priceless convenience to their clients. Even if you’re not lucky enough to have your own luxury concierge, you can book your own reservations easily at one of these 8 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in New York.

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Your Exclusive Look Inside the Top Personal Concierge Services