Drive Supercars on the Iconic Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix Track at Top Marques Monaco

Have you ever dreamed of navigating the turns of a Formula 1 track and pushing a supercar to top speeds?  Your dreams could be realized at Top Marques Monaco as part of the show’s VIP Test Drive experience.

Top Marque Monaco


Photo Courtesy of Tesla


Top Marques Monaco is a 14 year old supercar show held in Monaco annually.  The show centers on the technology as well as the performance of today’s luxury supercars.  Each year more manufacturers, like Tesla, are choosing to debut their newest models at Top Marques Monaco, making it a thrilling experience for consumers and sellers alike.

Test Drive the Fastest Supercars




What sets Top Marques Monaco apart from all other supercar shows, however, is the ability for journalists and show-goers to schedule test drives of the world’s hottest supercars.


A section of the legendary Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit is privatized for parts of the show, allowing drivers to experience the thrill of driving a supercar on this iconic track.


You can experience the power of these tremendous machines for yourself as they were meant to be experienced — on an authentic F1 track.  Imagine the thrill as you race around the track in one of the top cars in the world.  This once in a lifetime experience can be found in one place –  Top Marques Monaco.  In 2017, the famous show will take place at the Grimaldi Forum, from the 20th to the 23rd of April.  Enjoy the show which promises no fewer than seven world premieres focusing on innovation and the transport of tomorrow then take off for your test drive on the Formula 1 Grand Prix Track.  We guarantee it will be the trip of a lifetime!

Please note that manufacturers have complete discretion in scheduling test drives to VIP guests as well as journalists.  Be sure to visit your favorite auto makers and inquire about the experience while you enjoy the show.

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Drive Supercars on the Iconic Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix Track at Top Marques Monaco