The Features to Look For in a Luxury Crossover

When it comes to selecting a luxury vehicle that has it all, crossovers stand out from the crowd. Though they may not deliver the same racetrack results as their sedan or coupe counterparts, luxury crossovers offer the opportunity for an eloquent everyday driving experience that has been enhanced by smooth aerodynamics, refined quality and the latest in technological advances.

A Roomy Interior


Spacious interior of a Porsche Cayenne

One of the benefits of upgrading to a luxury crossover is the increase of intentional space within the interior. As a crossover, these luxury vehicles are able to deliver interior spaciousness while maintaining a compact exterior, resulting in athletic sophistication, increased agility and excellent fuel economy.

Intelligent Engineering

Incredibly stylish and well made, the interior design of a luxury crossover combines refined ergonomics and an intelligently crafted layout where everything is placed in an optimal position. The interior of the Porsche Cayenne was built with the driver in mind as its user-friendly design focuses on ideal comfort for all passengers. Notable among many luxury crossovers is their ability to incorporate versatile details and flexible seating arrangements, so that you never have to choose between passengers or additional cargo.

Remarkable Power


Range Rover Evoque

More space doesn’t have to mean less efficient performance. Expect agile drivability and relentless power thanks to an array of dynamic engine options and refined aerodynamics. Through advanced engineering, luxury vehicles such as the BMW X6 deliver quick acceleration and impressive cornering capabilities without compromising on fuel efficiency. The precise steering and strong brakes of the Audi Q7 allow you to get the most out of its powerful V6 engine.

Connect Plus

When driving a luxury crossover like the Porsche Cayenne, you never have to miss a beat thanks to Connect Plus. It synchronizes with your smartphone to provide hands-free access to calling, messaging, music streaming and more, ensuring that your safety is never compromised as you stay on top of your busy schedule.

Connect Plus also features an advanced navigation center. It uses Google Earth to provide real-time traffic information so you arrive at each destination smoothly. The easy-to-use voice control feature means you can simply vocalize a destination or select a point of interest and safely get on your way.

Apple CarPlay

Found on the Range Rover Evoque, the Meridian Sound System 380W features 10 carefully arranged speakers plus a subwoofer, delivering crystal clear surround sound entertainment.

Premium Finishing Details


Premium finishing details in luxury crossover

Luxury crossovers exude effortless style while maintaining a high level of functionality and integrated innovation. You will almost always find soft-touch leather surfaces and heated leather seats for comfort and sophistication. The entire design of a luxury crossover reveals an attention to detail that is reflective of brand quality, while catering to a luxurious lifestyle.

Even features that may escape the notice of the average consumer show evidence of thoughtful design. Consider the Mercedes Benz GLC-Class, which features a 3-spoke multi-function AMG steering wheel in black Nappa leather with a flattened bottom section, chrome inserts and perforated leather grips.

Not only is this system able to connect you to your iPhone for messaging and more, it allows you to access apps on your smartphone through your vehicle’s built-in controls. From audiobooks to the latest sports updates, everything is within reach.

Luxury crossovers embody the best of both worlds: they deliver a spacious interior with four-wheel drive capability and a higher ground clearance without being bulky or aggressive in their fuel consumption. With a range of available models that are rich with elegant detailing and world-class design, the standard has been set high for features that every luxury crossover needs.

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The Features to Look For in a Luxury Crossover