IAA 2017: The Power and Luxury Experienced in Frankfurt

After eleven days and countless exhibits, the 67th Annual IAA has officially come to a close. As the leading trade show for mobility and automotive, this year’s fair featured world premiere vehicles, test driving tracks, industry speakers and more. What first started in 1897 in Berlin and transformed over the years, the IAA now has more than 1,000 exhibitors from over 36 countries in attendance. This year’s show in Frankfurt focused on the idea of “smart mobility”, including electric and intelligent options. These are just some of the most memorable parts of IAA 2017.

Off-Road Test Track



What could be more exciting than test driving a brand new vehicle on a grueling off-road circuit? The IAA gave its attendees the chance to get behind the wheel and challenge themselves on extreme slopes, bumps and pot holes. Vehicle models ranging from Volkswagen to Audi were available daily on a course with more than 3,000 square meters of track. Each guest was paired with a professional driver as they experienced extreme 30 degree inclines and various sloping obstacles.

Industry Speakers


IAA 2017: The Power and Luxury Experienced in Frankfurt
Photo courtesy of IAA


The IAA’s speaker panel featured some of the most important names in the automotive and technology industries. Representatives from the automotive, public transportation, IT firms and also other fields were present to give guests their own knowledge and experiences. Large-scale companies such as BMW and Ford Motor Company participated in the keynote presentations and discussions, along with their presidents, CEO’s, consultants and more.

World Premiere Vehicles


IAA 2017 the luxury and experience
Photo courtesy of IAA


The future has arrived at IAA 2017. Companies premiered brand new models and cars available to all IAA guests for test driving. Each manufacturer’s booth featured an industry expert to answer all questions and accompany visitors for their test drive. With a total of 30 different models revealed at this year’s show, the IAA prides itself on giving guests the ability to gain practical experience with their desired new vehicles. If you would like to test drive a car at next year’s show, we recommend reserving your spot as early as possible since they are in such high demand.

“The Wild Seventies”

Not only does IAA feature new and upcoming models, it also gives us a look back to how automobiles have transformed over the years. The classic car show “The Wild Seventies” explores some of the most exclusive trends from the ’70s when car tuning was considered an art. Germany was at the forefront with tweaked engines and driving dynamics to provide the driver with optimum performance. “The Wild Seventies” features lucrative trends such as front and rear spoilers, custom paint jobs, interior fabrics and so much more.

New Mobility World


IAA 2017: The Power and Luxury Experienced in Frankfurt
Photo courtesy of IAA


The New Mobility World 2017 is a cross-industry event to help build the future of mobility. Technology firms, automotive companies, digital experts and also startups came together to discuss diversity and innovation in the field. This year’s five main topics included connected cars, automated driving, e-mobility, urban mobility and mobility services. Experts participated in open forums to share the future of augmented reality and real-time mapping, along with a hall full of exhibiters. Guests were also treated to live presentations from companies such as Audi to show new innovations and upcoming technology.

Throughout its eleven days, the IAA touched on topics from smart mobility to urban transportation. With exhibits such as test driving terrain, industry speakers and demonstrations, guests were able to explore the future of mobility and the exciting new features that companies have to offer. If you would like to attend next year’s IAA show in Hannover, visit their website HERE. Looking for an adrenaline rush in the meantime? Check out these luxury driving experiences for the ultimate rush!

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IAA 2017: The Power and Luxury Experienced in Frankfurt