The History of the Aston Martin DB6

The DB6, produced by Aston Martin from 1965 until 1970, was a grand tourer, 2-door coupé that became one of the car manufacturer’s most defining models. With only 1,788 DB6 models produced, the vintage car has become a collectors dream car.



The History of the Aston Martin DB6
Photo courtesy of Aston Martin


When the time came to replace their DB5 model, Aston Martin rejected a proposal from Touring of Milan and instead, focused on developing a new model themselves. The DB6 was born and testing began. After testing, some modifications were made to ensure improvements on their prior models.

Old Before Its Time


The History of the Aston Martin DB6
Photo courtesy of Fiskens Fine Historic Automobiles


We appreciate the design of the DB6 today, but what many don’t realize is that when it was introduced at the 1965 London Motor Show, the design was considered to be dated already. In the late 60s, the focus was on futurism and the DB6 didn’t feel the least bit futuristic. Proof that sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until much later.

Nuts & Bolts


The History of the Aston Martin DB6
Photo courtesy of Hexagon Classics


Made up of much more than nuts and bolts, the specifications on the DB6 are impressive. It featured a 4.0 liter engine, 282 horse power in its standard engine or 325 horsepower in the optional Vantage engine.  The DB6 also had 400 N·m torque at 4,500 revolutions per minute with an acceleration of zero to sixty in 8.4 seconds.  It could go a top speed of 150 miles per hour.  The features included rack and pinion steering with optional power assist and a 19 gallon fuel capacity (or 16 gallon with air conditioning).

Bells & Whistles


The History of the Aston Martin DB6
Photo courtesy of Silodrome Gasoline Culture


The tourer is best experienced in a model with air conditioning and while that option is mostly standard today, at the time, it was a luxury. Other features included a five-speed transmission, overriders to the front and rear bumpers, and chrome road wheels.  The DB6 also had a heated rear window, power antenna, three-eared spinners, a Bosch Koln TR radio, and Britax seat belts. While not every model had each of these options and the DB6 evolved over its years of production, these are some options that you’ll find when you encounter the car.



The History of the Aston Martin DB6
Photo courtesy of Classic Driver


In its short run of production, the Aston Martin DB6 continued to evolve. From improved wheel bases to body modifications, each version of the DB6 had features unique to it.  Each was also produced in a relatively short run – especially by today’s standards.

Considered by some to be the Aston Martin model that defines the brand, the DB6 definitely holds its place in history and in the heart of many. Does the DB6 speak to you? Tell us what you love about it. If a classic isn’t for you, maybe you’ll want to test drive the Bugatti Chiron.

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The History of the Aston Martin DB6