The Most Exciting Automotive Reveals We Saw in 2017

Every year gearheads and car lovers from every demographic anxiously await announcements from car designers and manufacturers. They’re excited to see what the big reveals will be whether they’re announced online, in magazines, or at a car show. These announcements direct the future of the automotive industry. 2017 has been a great year for automotive reveals and these are our favorites.

Faraday Future FF 91


The Most Exciting Automotive Reveals We Saw in 2017
Photo courtesy of Faraday Future


After forming in 2014, Faraday Future has been pacing steadily for the past three-plus years to position themselves as a viable Tesla competitor. Their concept is simple – creating beautiful automobiles powered by electricity. Their name comes from Faraday’s law of induction which is one of the founding principals of electric motors. They’ve been getting a lot of buzz since they introduced their first concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2016.  However, this year, they announced production schedules at the event including delivery dates of their limited Alliance Edition. This limited edition will produce only 300 units and deliveries will begin in early 2018. You can reserve the FF 91 now with a visit to the Faraday Future website.

Toyota Concept-i


The Most Exciting Automotive Reveals We Saw in 2017
Photo courtesy of Toyota


One of the smartest of the future smart cars, Toyota’s Concept-i envisions a “future mobility that is warm, friendly and revolves around you.” This concept car that they’ve named Yui, is their vision of what they believe cars will look like in 2030 – keep in mind, that’s only 13 years from now!


Concept-i looks as brilliant as it sounds—from its expressive sculptural qualities and elegant graphics to its captivating lighting and design. Its minimal yet artful interior is designed to help support its user experience. Lines flow from the center of the dashboard throughout the vehicle, while Yui travels around them, using light, sound and even touch to communicate critical information. It utilizes a single wide-screen, 3-D, full-color Head-Up Display that blends into an interior that is clean and uncluttered.


This makes the future of the car very exciting and inviting.

Chrysler Portal


The Most Exciting Automotive Reveals We Saw in 2017
Photo courtesy of FCA North America


Another big reveal from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show was a minivan from Chrysler. But, not just any minivan, rather, this is one completely for the Millennial generation. The Chrysler Portal concept minivan was born of the 20 years of research FCA has conducted on Millennials. This concept is as smart and connected as you’d expect anything for this generation to be.


While millennials are a broad group of consumers at varying life stages, the Chrysler Portal concept is designed and engineered with all life stages and lifestyles in mind, including active/adventure, single, married/partnered, those with newborns and older children.

Nvidia & Audi AI Car



One of the most exciting developments in 2017 was the announcement that Audi and Nvidia made at the Consumer Electronics Show. They are developing an artificial intelligence (AI) car. What’s even more impressive? They hope to launch by 2020 and to see their self-driving cars on the streets that year.


These AI car demonstrations use end-to-end deep learning to navigate through a dynamic course. They’re trained to understand various road conditions and obstacles, as opposed to being specifically programmed. In other words, they’re learning on their own. And that’s perhaps the surest sign that AI cars are here to stay.


Do these announcements and advancements make you excited for the future of the automotive industry? So, tell us, which one will be your future car? If special cars excite you, you might also want to read about the most famous limited-edition cars on the market.

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The Most Exciting Automotive Reveals We Saw in 2017