The 8 Safest Luxury Cars for Your Next Road Trip

Luxury cars are often the leaders in driving safety. This class of vehicle is often the first to debut the latest in automobile safety technology. From airbags in the 1980s to lane-keeping systems today, we are researching the safest luxury cars on the market. These are all a safe bet for safe driving. Here is a look at the eight safest luxury vehicles for your next road trip.

Maserati Quattroporte


luxury road trip Maserati safest luxury cars
Photo courtesy of Maserati


First on our list of the safest luxury cars is the Maserati Quattroporte. Safety was a top priority at Maserati when designing this vehicle. The Maserati Stability Program (MSP) uses multiple sensors to continually monitor your driving. The information is used to deploy a host of performance and features to maintain safety. MSP can selectively reduce engine torque and activate the brakes to give the driver stability within seconds. The Quattroporte can also have technologically advanced driver assistance systems added on. These safety features provide peace of mind when on a grand tour for the holidays.

Volvo V90


Safest Luxury Vehicles for Your Next Road Trip Volvo
Photo courtesy of Volvo


Volvo has a strong reputation for delivering some of the safest luxury cars on the market. The standard models of the V90 come equipped with nearly every safety feature available. These safety features include a blind-spot monitor, a forward collision monitor, lane-keeping assist, and also rear cross-traffic monitor.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio


Safest Luxury Vehicles for Your Next Road Trip Alfa Romeo
Photo courtesy of Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio is the Italian brand’s first entry in the luxury SUV market. Two important safety features, forward collision warning, and low-speed automatic emergency braking enhance the safety rating for this automobile. Other standard safety features include a rearview camera with rear parking sensors, front parking sensors, lane departure warning, and also blind-spot monitoring.

Land Rover Range Rover


Luxury Land Rover
Photo courtesy of Land Rover


The newest addition to the Range Rover line has received the maximum five-star rating from Euro NCAP, the globally recognized safety testing organizations. This helps it land a spot on our list of the safest luxury vehicles. The vehicle offers outstanding crash protection via the Driver Condition Monitor, which monitors steering, acceleration and brake activity to sense driver fatigue and alert the driver if necessary. The innovative Traffic Sign Recognition program detects speed limits and other key signs to alert the driver.  Adaptive LED headlights with five different modes combined with a 360-degree Surround Camera System optimizes driver views of their surroundings and decrease the incidence of blind spots. Park Assist uses sensors to help steer the vehicle into parallel and also perpendicular parking spaces.

Acura RLX


Safest Luxury Vehicles for Your Next Road Trip Acura
Photo courtesy of Acura


The spacious and luxurious Acura RLX receives top marks in both the IIHS and the NHTSA crash tests, making it one of the safest luxury cars available. This model also comes standard with many technologically advanced accident avoidance features. These features include blind-spot and rear cross-traffic warning, lane departure warnings, lane-keeping assistance systems, and a forward collision warning. The forward auto-braking system received a Superior rating from the IIHS.

Audi A3


Safest Luxury Cars for Your Next Road Trip Audi
Photo courtesy of Audi


The next vehicle on our list of the safest luxury cars comes from Audi. This sedan comes standard with a forward collision warning. The Audi A3 also comes equipped with a low-speed auto-braking system that is great for avoiding fender benders in slow-moving traffic situations. Optional add ons include a high-speed auto-braking system and other technologically advanced accident avoidance systems.

Lexus ES


Lexus Luxury
Photo courtesy of Lexus


Lexus also lands a spot on our list of the safest luxury cars on the market. The Lexus ES models are popular midsize luxury sedans which have an excellent track record regarding safety. The vehicle receives top marks in crash tests. The Lexus ES comes standard with a highly rated forward collision warning system and an auto braking system. The vehicle also comes equipped with a lane departure warning as well as a lane-keeping function. Consumers can add the optional blind-spot warning system if desired.

Mercedes Benz E-300


Safest Luxury Cars for Your Next Road Trip Mercedes Benz
Photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz


The Mercedes-Benz E Class sedan consistently receives top ratings in crash tests, which assures its place on our list of the safest luxury cars. The car is elegantly styled and a solid performer in safety tests. The E class sedan standard model is equipped with a Superior rated forward-collision warning and also an auto braking system. Other advanced high tech accident avoidance systems can be added on as well.

Do you have any vehicles you would add to our list of the safest luxury cars? When shopping, be sure to take safety features into account. After all the car of your dreams might just be one of the safest luxury vehicles. To learn more about top performing luxury vehicles, please enjoy our article which details the forecast for luxury automotive sales this year.

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The 8 Safest Luxury Cars for Your Next Road Trip