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So are you planning your travel in 2018?  Want to do something a little different with your vacation plans?  We have the solution!  Overseas adventure travel can be rewarding, stimulating, and yes even luxurious.  Plan a safari in Africa with all of the adventure that holds.  Go to the end of the Earth and have the ultimate vacation in Antarctica.  Perhaps exploring all of the culture of South America sounds more appealing to you.  We have ideas for luxurious adventure travel in all of these destinations.  You will come away from your vacation relaxed and full of stories.  So, which of these locales will you choose?

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Los Cabos's Famous One and Only Palmilla Resort

A Stunning Resort in Los Cabos

For those looking for rest and relaxation in a sun soaked resort, you can’t do better than a visit to Los Cabos’s Famous One and Only Palmilla Resort.