Discover These 4 Brunch Spots in Brazil

When traveling to Brazil, there is so much to see and do. In between exploring the Impanema or the Copacabana, you’re bound to work up a hunger. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing restaurants offering traditional Brazilian brunch along with the world famous rich and smooth coffee Brazil is known for. Here are our top 4 picks for brunch in Brazil.

Café 18 do Forte, Rio de Janiero


Discover These 4 Brunch Spots in Brazil Café 18 do Forte, Rio de Janiero
Photo Courtesy of Café 18 Do Forte


Located on the actual grounds of the Copacabana Fort the views from Café 18 do Forte are unmatched. For the best experience, ask for a table outside overlooking the scenic turquoise waters. The tables are shaded so you can stay cool and relax while you enjoy your meal. If you visit on a weekday, it will be quiet enough to hear the water hit the rocks below. On the weekends, you’ll need to arrive early to avoid the queues. The café’s recommended dish is the Farmhouse Breakfast featuring cheese, pao de queijo and fresh fruit. After your brunch enjoy a walk around the Fort and learn more about its storied history.

Fundação Maria Luisa e Oscar Americano, São Paulo


Discover These 4 Brunch Spots in Brazil Fundação Maria Luisa e Oscar Americano, São Paulo
Photo Courtesy of Fundação Maria Luisa e Oscar Americano


For something a bit out of the ordinary, visit the Tea Hall at the Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation in the Morumbi neighborhood of São Paulo. Not only can you experience a fabulous meal but you can explore the house museum and grounds.


Preserving nature, gathering pieces and documents related to the history of Brazil, conducting courses, concerts and other cultural activities, the Foundation Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano offers visitors a panorama of the past and the present of the Country. Expanded and enriched continuously, space of the Foundation allows a view of the various stages of our history.


If the weather is good, take your brunch outside surrounded by the beautiful grounds, including coffee plants. Breakfast options include mini coxinhas, pies, and quiches. You also won’t want to miss the baskets of homemade bread accompanied by honey, jam, and butter. Visitors have a choice of natural juices, coffee or tea. Finally, end your meal with a selection of sweets, including fruitcakes, pies and mini cheesecakes.

Paris 6, São Paulo


Discover These 4 Brunch Spots in Brazil Paris 6, São Paulo
Photo Courtesy of Paris 6


Another option for brunch in Brazil is the Paris 6 Classique Bistro on Rua Haddock Lobo. One of six locations of this Brazilian institution, the Paris 6 Classique is a hot spot for a European style breakfast. The bistros serve over 100,000 visitors each month who enjoy the Parisian fare.

Diners can enjoy a brunch of buffet-style breakfast, including bread, cold cuts, juices, fruits, cakes and of course, croissants. Visitors can also order sides of tapioca crêpes, omelets, double crêpes with brie and apricot and croque monsieur and croque madame. Of course, don’t forget the crepes for dessert!

Pérgula, Rio de Janiero


Discover These 4 Brunch Spots in Brazil Pérgula, Rio de Janiero
Photo Courtesy of Belmond Copacabana Palace


Finally, set within the Belmond Copacabana Palace, Pérgula is a hidden gem in Rio. During the week, visitors can enjoy their brunch in their swimsuits at the poolside cafe while sipping mimosas.

In contrast, for a more formal atmosphere, enjoy Sunday brunch indoors at the Pérgula restaurant. The restaurant serves brunch buffet style including an omelet station. To make it even more special, it also includes unlimited sparkling wine. While you’re enjoying their meal, visitors can look out for celebrities such as Madonna and Barack Obama who have been spotted there.

With these great restaurant options, hungry travelers don’t have to miss brunch in Brazil! Are you also looking for evening dining options? Check out The 6 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Brazil.

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Discover These 4 Brunch Spots in Brazil